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根据所给中文,在横线上填上合适的单词,把句子补充完整。 It’s time for _____________(早餐).

That is the ___________(音乐) room.

Where is the __________(图书馆)?

I have ____________(午餐) at school.

We have a new ___________(计算机) room.

I have a new ____________(电脑).

Where is the __________(图书馆)?

Can you see the teachers’ _____________(办公室)?

Is that the __________(美术) room?

Is this your _____________(音乐) room?

It’s time for _________(音乐) class.

It’s time to ___________ ___________(起床).

__________(早餐) is ready.

It’s time for _________(午餐).

Let’s go home and eat _____________(晚餐).

It’s time for _________(英语) class.

It is ____________(多风的) today.

It is ____________(下雨的).

Is it ____________(下雪的) outside?

It is ____________(阳光充足的) in Kumming.

Today it is _____________(多云的) in Shanghai.

These are ___________(西红柿).

There are many ___________(马) on the farm. They aren’t ____________(母鸡).

How many ___________(奶牛) can you see? The ____________(土豆) are big.

I have a new ____________(连衣裙). His ___________(衬衫) is short.

I want to wear my new ____________(大衣). How much is the ______________(短裙)? Are the __________(衣服) yours?

I have a new ____________(伞).

Her dress is ____________(漂亮的). The shoes are too __________(昂贵的).

How much are the _____________(太阳镜)? The skirt is very ______________(便宜的). He has _____________(早餐) at 7:30 a.m..

I like ____________(土豆).

I like the two ____________(连衣裙). These are ________________(西红柿). He has three _________________(伞).

There are many ___________(马) on the farm. How many ___________(奶牛) can you see? How much are the _____________(太阳镜)? Are the __________(衣服) yours?

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