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Unit 2 My Family

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Unit 3 Weather

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Ⅰ. Main and difficult points of teaching

1. Main point:

New words: sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy.

Difficult point: What’s the weather like?

It’s windy.

(会读这几个单词,可以根据这个问题作出相应的回答) Teaching aims: cards, chalk, blackboard.

Ⅱ. Teaching process

Step1. Greeting

a) Say “Hello” with everyone.

T: Hello, boys and girls. Nice to meet you. I’m a English teacher,you can call me Hami.(板书Hami)

Hello ,I’m Hami.What’s your name?

Step2. Revision and lead in.

a) Ask Ss questions.

T:How are you today? (今天感觉怎么样?)

S1: I’m fine.

T: What about you? (你呢?)


S2: I’m fine too.

b) Let’s listen to a music How is the weather.(这是一首跟天气有关的歌曲)

T:Today we will learn a new lesson Weather.


Step3. New lesson

a) 在黑板上画天气的简笔画.并分别写上单词sun, cloud, wind, rain. b)利用图片,学习新单词。

T:Look at my picture, what can you see?(你能看见什么?) S : sun(太阳)

T: What’s the weather like?(今天的天气怎么样?)

S: 有太阳的,阳光明媚的。

T: Yeah, it’s sunny.

T: Look at this picture, what’s the weather like?

S: 多云的

T:We called it“cloudy”.

T: Look at this one. What’s the weather like?


T: Yeah, it’s windy.

T: What’s the weather like?

S: 下雨的


T:It’s rainy.

Step4. Practices and consolidation

a) Practices

? Look at the pictures, and make pupils read the words after teacher. Sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy.

? Play a game. (拍卡片)

把sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy写在黑板上,请同学把卡片贴黑板上,然后听老师说哪个单词,学生就去拍并且读出卡片上的单词,比比谁更快。(老师先做示范)

T: Who can help me ,(请学生把卡片贴在相应的图上面) Eg:sunny: 学生要马上去拍这种卡片。

? 萝卜蹲

在学生胸前贴上一个单词卡片,第一位同学说一个单词蹲下,然后说出另一个单词,身上贴有这个单词的同学得蹲下,再说另一个单词。 Eg: windy蹲,windy蹲,windy蹲完sunny蹲;


S1: What’s the weather like?

S2: It’s ......

b) consolidation



Eg: T: cloudy S: 多云的

T:阳光明媚的 S:sunny

Step5. Summary


T:Open your books ,and turn to page18.listen to the tape. (让学生听,并跟读)

Step6. Homework.



Ⅲ. Blackboard design

Unit2 My Family

New words: sunny cloudy

windy rainy

sentences: What’s the weather like? It’s .......

Ⅳ. Post teaching:


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