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( ) 1.A.study B. bedroom C.cloud D.kitchen

( )2. A.snow B.rain C.wind D.raincoat

( )3. A.park B. shop C.cinema D.birthday

( )4. A.stop B. street C.wait D.go

( )5. A.can B. am C.are D.is


( )1. There ______three bedrooms,a living room,a kitchen and a batheoom in my new house .

A.is B. am C. are

( ) 2.She can _____ an English song .

A.sing B. sings C.singing

( )3.—Is it snowing outside? -- ______

A.Yes,it is . B. No ,it is . C.Yes,it isn’t.

( )4. Kitty can sing songs well,but she ______dance well.

A.can B. can’t C.don’t

( )5.______turn left ,please wait and stop.

A.Not B. No C. Don’t

( )6.--_____are you going ? –I am going to the bus stop . .

A. Where B. What C.How

( )7. _____ is SuNan going ?

A. What B. Where C.Whose

( )8.He often _____ football.

A.play B. plays C.plays

( ) 9.They are________ to music.

A. listening B. listen C.listens

( )10.Welcome _____ my school,Danny !

A.at B.to C.in


in the kitchen _________ jump rope _________

take a raincoat________ 看电影___________

做运动___________ 爬山__________

make(现在分词)________ glass(复数)________

can_______(否定形式) we(形容词性物主代词)_________ play(单三形式)_________ Let’s(完成形式)___________


A.I can sing a song .

B.Thank you .

C.There are four .

D.I’m going to fly kites .

E.She is in the kitchen .

( )1.Happy birthday to you !

( )2.Where is your mother?

( )3.What are you going to do next week?

( )4.How many birds are there in the tree?

( )5.What can you do for our party?



2.There is a wind . (变一般疑问)


3.What do you often do on Sunday? (用climb the mountain作答)

_______________________________________________ 对划线部分提问)


5.My brother can read and write .(英译汉)



Hello! My name is Alice. There are seven people in my family. My grandfather and grandmother are in America. My parents are English teachers in China. I have two brothers. They are twins. We are students in the same school. I am in Grade One. They are in Grade Three. ( )1. Three are people in Alice’s family.

A. eight B. seven C. ten ( )2. Here parents are China.

A. at B. on C. in ( )3. There are children in her family.

A. seven B. three C. two ( )4. They are in same school.

A. a B. an C. the ( )5. Her parents are .

A. doctors B. teachers C.workers

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