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4A句型 11.12

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1. A: May I come in?

B: Yes. /Sure. Come in, please. 2. A: May I have a copybook ? B: Yes. /Sure. Here you are. 3. A: May I have a notebook for Gao Shan?

B: Yes./Sure. Here you are. 4. A: This pen is for you. B: Thank you.

5. A: This rubber is for Gao Shan. B: OK./All right. 6. A: Here’s a doll for you. B: Thank you very much. 7. Look at … 8. Let’s …

9. The sweater/... is too big. The jeans/... are too long. 10.Try …on.

Eg:Try this sweater on. Try this pair of jeans on. 11. Don’t worry.

1. A: What’s the time, please? B: It’s seven fifty. 2. A: What time do you…? B: I…at… /At…

Eg:A: What time do you get up? B: I get up at six thirty. /At six thirty. 3. It’s time to… It’s time to go to school. 4. Shall we…?

Eg: Shall we go by bus?

1. A: What’s the matter ? B: I’m cold/… 2. A: Are you hungry? B: Yes, I am. /No, I’m not. 3. Why don’t you…?

Eg:Why don’t you have a cake now.4. A: What a nice car! B: Thank you.

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