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( ) 1. Li Hong _____ TV for two hours every evening.

A. watch B. watches C. watched

( ) 2. --- _________ is he? --- He is ten.

A. What B. Who C. How old

( ) 3. Kate and Jane _______ my good friends.

A. is B. am C. are

( ) 4. --- Where ________ he from?

--- He _______ from China.

A. is; come B. is; comes C. does; is

( ) 5. --- Where is my pencil?

--- I can’t ______ it.

A. look at B. find C. look for

( ) 6. We’re going to stay here tomorrow. What ____ you?

A. about B. besides C. with

( ) 7. That blue jacket is beautiful.

A. fine B. very nice C. well

( ) 8. --- _____ are these? --- They are red pencils.

A. What B. Where C. What colour

( ) 9. My mother _______ three shelves.

A. have B. has C. is

( ) 10. The man over there is ________.

A. Miss White B. Mrs White C. Mr White

( ) 11. --- _______ kitchen is clean? ---- Mary’s.

A. Who’s B. Whose C. Who

( ) 12. --- _______ grade are you in? --- Grade Five.

A. Whose B. Which C. Where

( ) 13. --- _______ on the river? ---- There’re some ducks.

A. What B. Which C. What’s

( ) 14. That girl is my friend. ______ name is May.

A. His B. Her C. Its

( ) 15. Helen is behind me. I am ______ Helen.

A. behind B. in front of C. beside


1. Peter’s father often ______ (take) a bus to go to work.

2. Look! They _______ (play) happily in the playground.

3. Tom likes _______ (swim) in summer.

4. Who can _____ (speak) English well in your family?

5. Tim and Tom _____ (read) in the library. Let’s _____ (join) them.

6. We will ______ (go) for a picnic tomorrow. We ______ (get) ready for it now.

7. Mary, ________ (not talk) with each other. _______ (be) quite, please.

8. _________ (be) there any water in the bottle?

9. Do you like _______ (watch) TV?

10. Don’t _______ (wash) your shirts now.


Tom is a little boy, and he is only seven years old. One day he went to the cinema. It is the first time for him to do that. He bought a ticket and then went in. But after two or three minutes he came out, bought a second ticket and went in again. After a few minutes he came out again and bought a third ticket. Two or three minutes late he came out and asked for another ticket. Then the girl in the ticket office asked him, “Why do you buy so many tickets? How many friends do you meet?” Tom answered, “No, I have no friend here. But a big boy always stops me at the door and tears(撕) my ticket to pieces.”

( ) 1. Tom is _______ years old.

A. seven B. six C. nine D. eleven

( ) 2. It was ________ for Tom to go to the cinema alone.

A. the second time B. the third time C. the first time D. the last time ( ) 3. Tom bought _______ before the girl asked him.

A. one ticket B. two tickets C. three tickets D. five tickets

( ) 4. Tom met _______ that day.

A. three friends B. his parents C. many classmates D. no friend of his

( ) 5. The big boy was _______ in the cinema. A. a doctor B. a teacher C. a worker D. a policeman


When Mr Smith retired(退休), he bought a small and hoped to live a quiet life in this house.

But to his great surprise, many tourists came to see his house in summer holidays, for it was the most building in the village. From morning to night there outside the house. They kept looking into the rooms through the windows them even went into Mr Smith’s garden. This was too much for Mr Smith. He decided to ask the visitors to put a notice on the window. The notice said, “If you wantyour curiosity(好奇心),come in and look round. Price: twenty dollars.” Mr Smith was sure that the visitors wouldbut he was wrong. More and more visitors came and Mr Smith had to every day showing them around his house.“I came here to not to work as a guide(导游),”he said angrily. In the end, he sold the house and moved away.

36.A. garden B. shop C. house D. school

37. A. liked B. hated C. sold D. built

38. A. big B. interesting C. small D. clean

39. A. children B. students C. parents D. tourists

40. A. no 41. A. come 42. A. to satisfy 43. A. go on 44. A. take 45. A. play B. none B. leave B. satisfy B. stop B. cost B. work C. many C. stay C. to satisfying C. continue C. spend C. watch D. much D. play D. satisfying D. not D. pay D. retire

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