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Unit 1 my classroom

window board light picture door floor computer teacher’s desk wall fan Unit 2 my schoolbag

Chinese book English book math book notebook story-book Bag pencil pen ruler book pencil-case

Unit 3 my friends

long hair short hair thin strong quiet

music science sports painting computer game teacher

student boy girl friend.

Unit 4 my home

study kitchen bathroom bedroom living room home classroom

phone bed sofa shelf fridge table

Unit 5 what would you like?

rice fish noodle beef soup vegetable

knife chopsticks spoon plate fork

Unit 6 meet my family

parents father mother uncle aunt brother sister grandpa grandma family teacher student player doctor driver farmer nurse


Unit 1 my classroom

This is my classroom. It’s big. 这是我的教室。它很大。

The door is green. The windows are yellow. 门是绿色的,窗户是黄色的。 Let’s go and have a look. 让我们去看看吧!

We have 6 new lights. 我们有六盏新灯。

Where’s your seat? It’s near the door. 你的座位在哪里?在门附近。 Let’s/ let me clean the board. 让我们/让我擦黑板。

Open the door 打开门。 Sweep the floor. 扫地。

Turn on the light. 打开灯。 Put up the picture. 挂图画。 Clean the board. 擦黑板。 Clean the window 擦窗户。

Unit 2 my schoolbag

I have a new schoolbag. 我有一个新书包。

What colour is it? It’s black and white. 它是什么颜色的?它是黑白相间的。 My schoolbag is heavy. What’s in it? 我的书包很重。里面有什么? baby baseball

Put your notebook in your bag. 把你的笔记本放进书包。 How many English books do you have? I have 6.


How many Chinese books can you see? I can see 20.


Unit 3 my friends

My friend is strong. He has short hair. He likes sports.


I like music. She likes painting. 我喜欢音乐,她喜欢绘画。 What’s his name? His name is Zhang Peng. 他叫什么名字?他叫张鹏。 Unit 4 my home

Welcome to my home 欢迎来我家。

This is my house. It’s big. 这是我的房子,它很大。

Where are the keys? They are in the door. 钥匙在哪里?在门上。

Are they near the table? Yes, they are. /No, they aren’t.


Is it on the shelf? Yes, it is. /No, it isn’t. 在架子上吗?是的/不在。 Unit 5 what would you like?

What would you like for lunch? I’d like some beef.


What’s for dinner? 晚餐吃什么?

Can I help? Sure, pass me a plate.


Help yourself. 请自便。

I can use chopsticks. 我会用筷子。

rice fish noodle beef soup vegetable

knife chopsticks spoon plate fork

Unit 6 meet my family

This is my uncle. He’s a baseball player. He looks strong.


How many people are there in your family? 你们家有几口人? Who are they? 他们是谁?

What’s your father? He is a driver. 你爸爸是干什么的?他是一个司机。

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