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小学英语课件3A M3U2 Shopping 第一课时

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3A Module3 Unit2 Shopping

罗泾中心校 英语组

Hello, I am Bonnie. I am a girl. My eyes are small. My hair is long and yellow. I have a dog. I like shopping with it. Look! We are in the shop now.

Who is she? She is Bonnie. What has she ? She has a dog. Where are they? They are in the shop.

Bonnie dog



Bonnie has a dog.

The dog is hot.
Hot, hot, hot!

The dog’s in the shop.

Shopping list

apples peaches

5 6



I am Bonnie. I like shopping with my dog. We are in the shop now. Wow, there are many kinds (种类) of fruit in the shop. Such as apples, oranges, pears, peaches and so on. I want some apples, peaches and plums. I like plums best. They are red. They are cute. They are healthy(健康的).

Peaches, apples and plums

I like plums. They are red and cute. They are sweet and healthy. They are good for us.

I want(想要) some plums.

I like ________.
They are ________.

They are ___________.
They are good for us. I want(想要) _________.

-- Do you like ______? -- Yes, I do./No, I don’t. I want some ______. Because they are __________. -- How many _______?

-- ______, please.

Shopping list What How many

Hello, I am ____ I have_____. I like shopping. Now I am in the shop. There are many_____ in it. I like ______. They are _____.They are______ . I want _____. I want _________. … Now Let’s go shopping.

1.Listen and read 3A M3U2 P30

2.Sing the song with your parents.
3.Make a shopping list.

Look at the plum.
It is _______. Touch the plum. It is ______. Taste the plum.


It is ________.

Do you like plums?

Yes, I do./No, I don’t.

It is a kind of fruit.

It is red and small.
Touch it. It is smooth.

Taste it. It is sweet.
It is healthy(健康的) . It is good for us. It isn’t an apple. What is it?

One cherry, two cherries,

Three cherries, four.

Five cherries, six cherries,
Seven cherries, more.

Eight cherries, nine cherries,

Ten cherries all.

--Do you like cherries?

--Yes, I do. /No, I don’t.


--Do you like …? --Yes, I do./No, I don’t.

plums oranges


bananas pineapples peaches cherry cherries

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