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5A英语Unit 6试卷

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五年级英语Unit 6 知识回顾



( ) 1.A. talk B. walk C. wall

( ) 2. A. sleep B. sweep C. clean

( ) 3. A. floor B. flower C. fly

( ) 4. A. English B. maths C. Chinese

( ) 5. A. housework B. homework C. notebook

( )6.A.wrong B. write C. light

( )7.A. head B. hand C. hot

( )8.A. eating B. reading C. sitting

( )9.A. clean the study B. clean the library

C. in the library

( )10. A. look at B. have a look C. look for


( ) 1. A. He’s doing his homework. B. He’s in the study.

C. He’s reading a storybook.

( ) 2. A. Yes, I am. B. Yes, I can. C. No, I don’t.

( ) 3. A. Goodbye. B. All right. C. Fine. Thank you.

( )4. A. I can play the guitar. B.I like playing football.

C. I’m cleaning the kitchen.

( ) 5. A. You are sleeping. B. He’s over there. C. He’s singing.


( ) A. I’m doing my homework.

( ) B. Sure. See you this afternoon.

( ) C. What are you doing, Su Hai?

( ) D. Can you come and help me with my English?

( ) E. I’m sweeping the floor. How about you, Nancy?


1. His mother is in the kitchen.

2. Look! The boys are 3.I go to school at seven in the . the housework.



1.( ) mo___ing A.nie B. rn C. rm _____________

2.( ) ma____ A.hts B.tsh C.ths _____________

3.( ) sl_____ A.weep B.eep C.oor _____________

4.( ) w___k A. al B oo C. la _____________

5.( ) h___p A. ul B. al C el _____________


1. ( ) 2. (

3. ( ) 4. ( )

5. ( ) 七、英汉互译。(10)


2.帮助...做 7.look good 3.扫地 4.在家



( ) 1. Mr Black is a picture in the study.

A. writing B. drawing C. looking

( ) 2. Su Hai and Su Yang watching TV.

A. are B. / C.is

( ) 3. My father is the floor now.

A. washing B. cleaning C. sweeping

( ) 4. Mike can play basketball. How you?

A. about B. many C. with

( )5. Look! They a Music lesson.

A. are having B. having C. is having

( ) 6. —What _____ Helen doing?

—She _____ playing the guitar.

A. is; is B. are ; is C. are; are

( ) 7. Nancy can English songs.

A. sing B. write C. draw

( )8.The women cleaning the windows.

A. is B. are C. am

( )9. She the window now.

A. is closing B. close C. closing

( )10. A:Hello.

Miss Li?

A. this B. that C. you



( )1. Do you like playing? A. They are swimming.

( )2. Can you draw it? B. This is Helen speaking.

( )3.What are they doing? C. No. She’s in the office.

( )4.Is Miss Li in the study? D. No, I can’t.

( )5. Who’s that speaking? E. Yes, I do.

九、 用所给动词的正确形式填空 (10)

1. —What are you doing, Nancy?

—I (do) my homework.

2. — What are they doing?

—They are

3. —What is Mike doing?

—He (sleep) in his bedroom.

4. —What is Yang Ling doing?

— She is (ride) a bike.


(wash) clothes now.

7. — Can you — Yes, I can.

十、句型转换。(11) 对划线部分提问)

What _______ parents _______ ? 对划线部分提问)

the boys 对划线部分提问)


4. They are making a model plane.(一般疑问句作否定回答)

making a model plane? No, they 十一、根据中文意思完成句子。(9)


Is Helen ________ a in the study?

2.你在干什么? 我在帮助王兵学英语。

_________ are you doing?

I’m ___________ Wang Bing _________ his English.

3. 他们在画画吗? 不,他们在做木偶。

________ __________ drawing pictures?

No. They _______ _______ puppets.


It’s Sunday today. It is nice day. Some children(孩子们) are playing in the park. Six boys are near the lake(湖).They are singing. A woman is sitting near the lake. She is drawing a picture. Four girls are sitting under a tree. They are reading storybooks. There is a cat with them. It is sleeping.

( )1.Today is Sunday.

( )2.The boys are playing football in the park.

( )3.There are six boys in the park.

( )4.The girls are reading storybooks.

( )5. The cat is running.

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