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人称代词:代替人名或其它事物名称的词。 如:I , you , she , it 等; 物主代词:表示所属关系(归谁所有)名物代=形物代+名词


主格 宾格 形容词性 名词性 I me my mine You you your yours he him his his she her her hers It it its its We us our ours They them their theirs



1. That is not _______ kite. That kite is very small, but ________ is very big. (I)

2. The dress is _________. Give it to _________. (she)

3. Is this _________ watch? (you) No, it’s not ________. (I)

4. ______ is my brother. ______ name is Jack. Look! Those stamps are _____. ( he )

5._________( My / Mine ) coat is red. __________( her / hers ) is green.

6. I have a cat,________( their / its ) eyes are big.

7. The teacher is __________.(their / theirs)

8. ________( Our / Ours ) book is bigger than _________. ( your / yours )

9. This is______( his / him ) new teacher.

10. Where are________(his / hers ) books?

11. I put _______( you / your ) book on _________( he / his ) desk.

12. Is __________( she / her ) dress blue? No,__________ (my / mine ) dress is blue.

13. This is my friend,_________( her / hers ) name is Jessica.

14. That wallet isn’t __________. ( your / yours )


1. Hello, ________ name is Kelly. ________ am from USA. _________like reading books. I have a friend. _________ name is Bob. _________ is very cute._________ often go to school together. __________teacher is funny.

2. This is a photo of _________family. There are three people in it. Look, the man is ________ grandpa, and the woman is ________ grandma. __________ love each other.





指示代词this/these指空间上较近的事物;that/those指空间上较远的事物。 _______ is my house. ________are apples. (近处) _______ is my toy. ________ are bananas. (远处)


疑问代词在句子中用来构成特殊疑问句,主要用于询问“何人”、“何物”、“什么”。疑问代词有who(谁,主格),whom(谁,宾格),whose(谁的), which(哪一个)和what(什么)等。 疑问代词的基本用法






填空: ( ) is this man? ( )are you waiting for?

( )book is this? ( ) is your name?

五、不定代词:不指明代替任何特定名词或形容词的代词叫不定代词。 如:Is there any milk in the glass?

1. some和any都有“一些”的意思,some通常用于肯定句中,any用于否定句或是疑问句中。


1. There is ( ) milk in the glass. 2. Would you like ( )bread?

3. Do you have ( ) crayons? —— Yes, I have ( ).


1. He doesn’t keep any pets. 2. Is there any tea in the cup?


Would you like any bread? ( )

Would you like some bread? ( )

有一类词,它们都具有some-,any-的词头,因此它们的用法和这两个词是相同。如:someone 某人, somebody 某人, something 某事

anyone 任何人, anybody 任何人, anything 任何事

2. both和all的用法: both和all都有“都”的意思。



All of the milk _____ there.

All of the students _____ studying hard.

Both of her parents _____ teachers.

3. many,much,a little,little的用法


Many people like sports. 很多人喜欢运动。

There is much juice in the bottle. 瓶子里有很多果汁。

a little和little都接不可数名词。a little表示“很少,少量”的意思,little表示“几乎没有”的


用来替代前面已经提到的人或事的单词。如one, ones; one 替代表示单数的人或事;ones替代表示复数的人或事。


______(她的) cousin is going to give______(她) a present.

______(我们)are working with______(我们的) teacher.

______(他们的)classroom is more beautiful than______(我们的).

_____(你的)trousers are shorter than______(我的).

_____(谁的)clothes are these ? Are _____(他们) _____(你们的)?

Is this computer _____(你的) or _____(她的)?

Let_____(我们) go and see_____(我们的) teacher.

Could you show _____(我)_____(你的) new doll?

These dictionaries aren’t_____(我的). They’re_____(你的).

_____(她) does_____(她的) homework in the evening.


1、Give _____ some tomatoes, please.

A.Li lei and I B. I and Li lei C.li lei and me D. me and Li lei

2、---Do you have a pen like this? ---No, But I’m going to buy_____.

A. one B. it C. this D. that

3、We bought Granny a present, _____she didn’t like

A.and, it B. but, it C. so, one D. in, mine

4、The boy _____ blue is a friend of _____.

A.of ,my B. in, my C. of , mine D. in, mine

5、Is this _____ kite? No, it’s _____.

A. her, his B. him, hers C. mine his

6、---Would you like _____juice?---Yes, please.

A.any B. some C. a D. an

7、 All of _____ (we) like new clothes

8、改错题: Is it yours? No, it isn’t mine book. It’s his. ________



( )1. There are some shoes over there .The new ________ are Mike’s.

A. one B. ones C. them D. /

( )2. This cake is bigger than that ______.

A. one B. ones C. two D. too

( )3. The girls are watering the flowers._______ teacher is helping them.

A .They B. Their C. Them D. Theirs

( )4. Look at the picture. The boy in yellow is ______.

A. I B. me C. my D. mine

( )5. Let _______ tell you a story about UFO.

A. I B. me C. my D. mine

( )6. Let _______ clean the house together, OK?

A. we B. us C. our D. ours

( )7. His school is bigger than ________.

A. we B. us C. our D. ours

( )8. Jenny’s pet dog is smaller than ________.

A. me B. my C. I D. mine

( )9. Look at the hippo.______ mouth is very big.

A. It B. Its C. They D. Their

( )10. I like the red car better than the white ______.

A .one B. ones C. a D. the

( )11.Let me give _______ my pen.

A. he B. him C. his D. she

( )12.That skirt is _____.______ very beautiful .I like _____very much.

A. mine, It’s, it B. mine ,Is ,it C. mine, It ,its D. My, It’s, it

( )13.Is this chair _________?

A. she B. her C. hers D. she’s

( )14.Jimmy has two balls._______ is a football ,the other one is a basketball .

A. It B. One C. Ones D. Its

( )15.Which dress do you want,the blue one or the grey______?

A. one B. ones C. dress D./

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