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PEP小学英语五年级下册单元测试题 班级 姓名 分数 一、找出不同类的单词。(16分)

( ) 1.A. one B. two C. second D. three

( ) 2.A. Monday B. November C. December D. February

( ) 3.A. Twelfth B. twentieth C. second D. twelve

( ) 4.A. birthday B. Children’s Day

C. National Day D. Tree-planting Day

( ) 5.A. spring B. summer C. fall D. season

( ) 6.A. Monday B. Tuesday

( ) 7.A. sister B. brother C. Army Day D. Sunday C. mother D. friend

( ) 8.A. the first B. the eighth C. the twelfth D. nine


1. November___________________

3. September___________________ 2. August_______________________

6. first ___________________

7. third ___________________ 8.twelfth _________________


( )1. My birthday is __________May.

A. at B. in C. on D. of

( )2. ___________ is the first month of a year.

A. February B. December C. October D. January

( )3. ___________ is Children's Day?

A. When B. What C. Which D. Why

( )4.——What's the date?


A. In July B. April 4th C. March D. 9th

( )5.——Is your birthday in June?


A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, it isn't. C. No, it isn't. D. No, it is.

( )6. I am a kite for my brother.

A. made B. make C. making D. makes

( )7.——When is your birthday?

——It's in ____________.

A. third B. January C. 20th D. 8:30

( )8. ——a TV set?

——Yes, he .

A. Does, have, does

C. Do, has, has B. Does, has, does D. Do, have, do

( )9. —— ——There.

A. How much B. How many C. What D. Which

( )10.——When is our National Day?


A. It's September 10th.

C. It's December 25th.

四、连词成句。 (20分) B. It's March 12th. D. It's October 1st.

1. your when is birthday (?)

__________________________________________________________ 2. Mike’s in too mother’s birthday is June (.) __________________________________________________________ 3. what date today the is (?)


4. her in birthday May is (.)

__________________________________________________________ 5. has birthday a who October in (?)



( ) Today is Children’s Day.

( ) Happy New Year!

( ) It’s Teacher’s Day today.

( ) Marry Christmas!



I’m Chen Jie. My birthday is July 20th. I usually get up early on my birthday. I am too excited to sleep. My parents and friends give me many presents. I don’t go to school on my birthday, because I am on summer holidays(假期). Usually I have a birthday party. We have a big dinner and eat a birthday cake and ice-cream. We sing, dance, watch TV and play computer games at the party. In the evening, my family goes to the

beach(海滩)because it’s usually very hot. I have a good time on my birthday.

( )1. Chen Jie’s birthday is in____.

A. spring B. summer C. fall

( )2. Chen Jie usually gets up early on____.

A. Monday B. July 20th C. July 12th

( )3. Chen Jie usually ____on her birthday.

A. goes to school B. has English class C. has a birthday party

( )4. Chen Jie doesn’t ____at the party.

A. play sports B. watch TV C. play computer games

( )5. Chen Jie goes to the beach with her____.

A. family B. friends


My name is Peter. I have a happy family. My father is a doctor. He is tall and strong. His birthday is in March. My mother is a teacher. She is kind. Her birthday is in November. I am a student. My birthday is in May. I love my family very much.

读短文,判断正 “T”错 “F”。

( ) 1. There are three people in Peter's family.

( ) 2. Peter is a student.

( ) 3. Peter's mother is a nurse.

( ) 4. Peter's birthday is in May.

( ) 5. His mother's birthday is in March C. classmates

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