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Speak up

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Step 1 .Lead in

When he was five years started_______ to old,he_______ play the piano.

How talent he is ! What a nice music!

At the age of three , she could____________. play the violin

What can you do now? When did you start to learn it? What could you do at the age six?

Listen and answer:

1.When did Daniel start to do it?
He started to play the violin at the age of six. 2.When did Sandy start to play the piano? She started to play the piano when she was five.

1. play the violin/piano 拉小提琴/弹钢琴 e.g. We can play the violin. 我们会拉小提琴。 2. at the age of … 在……岁时 e.g. He can play the piano at the age of 5. 他5岁时就会弹钢琴了。

3. start to do sth. = start doing sth. begin to do sth. = begin doing sth. 开始做某事 e.g. He started/began to learn English when he was 4 years old. = He started/began learning English when he was 4 years old. 他4岁时开始学英语。

Step 3.Practice
Make a short dialog according to the introduction. Hello ,everyone!I’m Simon.I like drawing and I am good at it.I started to draw when I was six years old . Hi!I’m Lily.I do well in dancing.I like dancing very much.I could dance at the age of 5.

1.She practices _______(write) everyday. writing 2.Daniel could ______(can) play basketball when he was nine years old. 3.Lucy tries her best ________(learn) English to learn well. 4.Thanks for your help,now I am getting ______(good). better 5.The girl often makes mistakes because she is _________(careful). careless

同义句转换. 1.Suzy is good at dancing. Suzy ______ does ______ well _____ indancing. 2.We must do our best to study. We must ______ ______ _____ try our best to study. 3.Sandy started to play the violin when she was five. at Sandy started to play the violin _______ ______ _______. the ______ age _______ of five 4.What a clever boy! How ______ clever the boy ______ ______ _______ is!

Using a library

A library is a useful place to find
information. Remember the following

points when you look for information
in a library.

? Books about different subjects are put in different sections. ? Books are organized according to topics. Books about similar topics are put in the same area. ? Novels are arranged in alphabetical order according to the authors’ surnames. ? Librarians are there to help you. If you have questions, ask them.

Look at the books below. Write the titles in the correct sections.



China 1911-2011
100 Greatest People in History LITERATURE

English-Chinese Dictionary A Guide to English Grammar

The Cat Goes Shopping The Life of a Plant
Ronnie Goes into Space How the Earth was formed

根据汉语或首字母提示完成单词。 1. He works hard this _____ term (学期). article (文章) about 2. There is an _______ learning English. areless enough to do his 3. He is c_______ homework wrong. 4. He will do b_____ etter in English next term. iano well? 5. C

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