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英语3 复习题

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1. Multiple Choice. (10 points)

1) John came to me in the belief ________ I could help him. ( D )

A.Why B.When C.Which D.that

2) ______ says so, I don’t believe them. ( B )

A.No matter when B.No matter who

C.No matter where D.No matter how

3) Modesty(谦逊)helps one go for forward, _______conceit(自满)makes one lag behind. ( )

A.and B.or C.either D.whereas

4) It sounds ______ the situation is unlikely to improve. ( D )

A.what B.as C.as if D.when

5) The students don’t know ______ the teacher will come tomorrow. _______ the teacher

comes, they’ll tell you. ( C )

A.if; Whether B.whether; Whether C.if; That D.if; If

6) The police want to know _______. ( D )

A.whom is she looking after B.whom she is looking

C.whom is she looking D.Whom she is looking after

7) ----When this kind of computer _______? ( D )

----Last year.

A.did; use B.was; used C.is; used D.are; used

8) English _ in many countries, but the Chinese__ their own languages. ( B )

A.is spoken; speak B.speaks; is spoken

C.is spoken; spoken D.is spoken; is spoken

2. Vocabulary. Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

(15 points)


1) If you ___________a difficult problem or task, you deal with it in a very

determined way.

2) The principle of equality cited in this book ______________ in that part of the


3) My friend Peter has always been fat but things got so bad recently that he decided

to __________________.

4) The hunter hid behind the bushes and saw the tiger ______________on the sheep.

5) My grandson like to ____________ lovely pets and regards them as his best friends.

6) There are many kinds of racing _______________ almost every means of

transportation and physical activities.

7) Before the problem grows into a big one, we have to ______________. Or we’ll suffer

a great loss.

8) Today, more and more people use their blogs to _____________ themselves ________

the pressures they are confronted with.

9) Your formal dress is not ________________ for a basketball game. You’d better

put on sportswear.

10) Thomas, who came to Guilin ten years ago, finds that the city ______________ greatly from what it used to be.

11) When the village girl first arrived in this big city to look for a job, she felt she did not _________________ it.

12) Health problems will ______________ if people are put under great pressure and have no time to relax.

13)As salaried workers, Bill’s parents can’t ______________ for his higher education, so he has to work part-time himself.

14)The poem was so difficult that Mary still couldn’t _________________ it after thinking it over for an hour.

15) With so much work both at home and in office to deal with, many working women feel _______________.

1. tackle 2. holds true 3. go on a diet

4. pouncing 5. raise 6. involving

7. take action 8. liberate... From 9. appropriate

10. differs 11. belong to 12. arise

13. afford 14. make sense of 15. stressed

3. Reading Comprehension. There are 3 passages in this section. Each passage is followed by 5 questions. For each of them there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. You should decide on the best choice.

Passage 1

In recent years, large numbers of people are living the single life, at least temporarily, for this reason or other. However, they are often pressured to marry by their families and friends, who regard single adults as irresponsible and unfortunate.

Rose and Bill talk about the frustrations and disagreements. Rose has quarreled with her family. Her parents continually ask her why she doesn’t get married and have been putting pressure on Rose to find a husband. This makes Rose angry. Bill understands how Rose feels. He has also been upset about how his friends react to his single life. His female friends usually find him dates even if he doesn’t want them. They introduce him to new people as the eligible bachelor. Sometimes Rose and Bill feel they might be better off financially if they each found a marriage partner. They know that two people living together and earning two salaries can afford more than a single person can. They also know about the income tax advantages that married couples enjoy. However, for the moment, each of them is committed to remaining single.

Young people feel many pressures not to get married. Rose has a very good job at the bank and there is a possibility of a promotion in the near future. A promotion means a higher salary and more responsibility.

She questions whether she can combine success in business with marriage. How can she fully and completely take care of a wife’s duties while she can also succeed brilliantly in her office? Both demand a great amount of time and work.

Bill, too, is hesitant about getting married because of his active social life. He has many friends and is out with one of them almost every night. How can he ever settle down and stay home with one person? Will he lose his friends?

At this point Rose and Bill are each trying to settle the questions of whether

to get married or stay single. After all, marriage means responsibility. Both Rose and Bill know they will reach a decision without being pressured.

1) Single adults are often pressured to marry by _________.

A. the society

B. the law

C. the married people

D. their families and friends

2) Rose is frustrated by her family’s __________.

A. constant pressure on her to get married

B. unwillingness to accept Bill into the family

C. ignorance of her career potential

D. all of the above

3) Both Rose and Bill ______________.

A. will probably live together

B. will come to a decision together

C. are trying to decide whether or not to get married

D. are ignoring their friends’ advice

4) Bill is hesitant about getting married because of ____________.

A. his girlfriend

B. his parents

C. his active social life

D. his job

5) The sentence “they might be better off financially if they each found a marriage partner” can be best replaced by “__________”.

A. Married couples usually enjoy more luxuries

B. Married couples may enjoy better tax advantages

C. Married couples can afford more than a single person

D. both A and B

Passage 2

Happiness is important for everyone. Most people want to be happy, but few know how to find happiness. Money and success alone do not bring lasting happiness. Aristotle, a Greek thinker, said, “Happiness depends upon ourselves.” In other words, we make our own happiness. Here are a few suggestions to help you be happier. The first secret of happiness is to enjoy the simple things in life. Too often, we spend so much time thinking about the future---for example, getting into college or getting a good job---that we fail to enjoy the present.

You should enjoy life’s simple pleasures, such as reading a good book, listening to your favorite music, or spending time with close friends. People who have several close friends often live happier and healthier lives.

Another secret to living a happy life is to be active, and have hobbies where you forget your problems and time. Many people experience this dancing, or playing a sport, such as swimming. You can forget about your problems, and only think about the activity. Finally, many people find happiness in helping others. If you want to feel happier, do good things for someone. You can help a friend with his or her studies, go shopping to buy food for an elder person, or simple help out around the house by washing the dishes.

6) The best title of the passage is __________.

A. Money Makes You Happy

B. The Secrets of Happiness

C. Ideas for Helping Other People to Be Happy

D. Good Friends Make You Happy

7) The second paragraph tells us that _____________.

A. the more friends you have, the happier you will be

B. we shouldn’t think about our future

C. happiness is to enjoy the simple things in life

D. some people fail to live a happy life

8) The passage gives us ______ pieces of advice on happiness.

A. One B. two C. three D. fours

9) The writer thinks that ___________.

A. everyone knows how to live a happier life

B. it’s wrong to spend time on work

C. hobbies take up too much time

D. doing good things for someone can make you happier

10) Which of the following is not mentioned in the passage?

A. Reading a good book.

B. Traveling to a foreign country.

C. Spending time with close friends.

D. Listening to your favorite music.

答案:1-5 DACCC 6-10 BCCDB

4. 四、Translate the following sentences into English using the given words or phrases. (20 points)

1) 这个幸福的母亲总是说:“儿子是上帝送给我的最珍贵的礼物。”(precious)

___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

2) 为了增强自己在工作中的竞争力,许多人在工作多年后不得不回到学校继续深造。(competitive,pursue)

___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

3) 尽管约翰和汤姆都爱好体育,但是他们在性格上却没有什么共同之处。(have…in common) ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________


1. The happy mother always says, “My son is the most precious gift the God sent to me.”

2. To keep competitive in their jobs, many people have to come back to school to persue their studies after years of work.

3. Although John and Tom are both sports lovers, they have little in common in their personalities.

5. Writing.


Suppose you are Chen Hong, write a letter to Ms. Wang Ming of ABC company to apply for the post of business consultant. You should write about 100 words according to the information given below in Chinese.

1) 看到广告,想应聘;

2) 本人学历、经验;

3) 期待回复。



Dear Ms. Wang Ming,

I am writing in response to your advertisement for the position of business consultant of the ABC Company that you advertised in the Shanghai News of April 13, 2012.

I am 27 years old and I graduated from Sichuan University with a Master Degree in Management. I have been working for the Xinxiang Company as a business consultant for two years. With my experience in this field, I am confident that I will be qualified for this job.

I am enclosing my resume in this email and looking forward to getting your feedback at your early convenience. Thank you very much for your attention to this request.

Yours sincerely, Chen Hong 答案要点提示:



(3)最后结尾处落款,注意“Yours”或“Your sincerely”必须有,且接“,”,然后再换行署名。(3分)

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