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1.C 4.kg 6.mg 7.ml 8.L 二、左右搭配组成对话,把正确答案填入每题前面的括号内。(10分)

( )1.Can you fill the prescription for me ? A.Insert one into your anus

every night.

( )2.How do I use this suppository? B.Put the eye-drops into your

right eye4-6 times a day,each time one to two drops.

( )3.How do I apply the eye dyops? C.Of course. Please show me the


( )4.What is the ointmentfor? D.This ointment will subdue


inflammation (减轻炎症)

( )5.Must I boil it before taking it? E.No.Put it in a glass and warm

it in a bowl of hot water.


( )A.primary health care 1 社区护理 ( )B.the health of the elderly 2社区护士 ( )C.rehibilitation nuesing 3初级卫生保健

护理英语 ( )D.community nursing 4社区护理模式 ( )E.family health nursing 5社区评估 ( )F.community health nursing model 6健康教育 ( )G.community nurse 7儿童健康

( )H.child health 8老人健康 ( )I.health education 9康复护理 ( )J.community assessment. 10家庭健康护理 ( )K.ECG(electrocardiogram) 11 严重烧伤 ( )L.severe burn 12 急性肾炎 ( )M.acute nephritis 13 术后病人 ( )N.organ’s transplantation 14脏器移植 ( )O.postoperative patients 15心电图


1、 ( )the professor gave us a lecture, we listened to him attentively.

A、Until B、When C、As if D、Unless

2、 ( ) A、when B、if C、because of D、because 3、 ( )You’ll have to do it again A、if B、since C、whether D、no matter

4、 ( )the students might have enough time to go over the lesson, the teacher put off the test.

A、As B、In order that C、So as to D、Since

5、 ( )hard A、so,that B、such,that C、very,and D、too,as to 6、 ( ) A 、 the place

B、there C、which D、where

7、 ( ),he can remember a lot of Tang poems.

A、As he is a child B、Though he is child C、Child as he is D、A child as he is

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8、 ( )It is nicer to do more A、than to say more B、as saying more. C、as to say more D、than saying more 9、 ( )A、If he spoke B、Had he spoken C、Should he speak D、Speak

10、( )the bell began to ring.

A、when B、then C、than D、that


1、I’m afraid you have to2、You’d better3、4、(take) the medicines regularly. 5、(turn) from side to side every two or three hours. 6、I wish I (call) the doctor when he lost consciousness. 7、Do anything that (help) him. 8、It’s no fun(stick) here. 9、I (be) here six weeks now.

10. 11.There are three patients 12 , Zhang Yi in Bed 5,male and 36 years old, is (suffer) from spitting blood.

14. He has been (spit) up blood for a week. (depress) and irritable.


护理英语 A:worry about B:as soon as C: turned out D:look after E:satisfied with F:for details G:for sure H:died of I: once every month J: no more than

( )1、I don’whether I’m pregnant or not. ( )2、to be positive.

( )3、 Come back in two weeks for a check-up and then during the first 6 monthw of pregnancy.

( )4、I see from his letter that he way things are going.

( )5、 ? ( )6.He went sick to his chest when he was six months and phligm. ( )7、the kids? ( )8、The pill doesn’t keep at room temperature, so you must give it to him ( )9、Mrs Zhang,there is nothing else . ( )10.The mother and the infant stay in the same room for 24 hours 1 hour for medication or nursing of the infant a day.


1、Who is your nearest relation?

2、My clothes are all wet from sweating during the night.

3、Do you ming if I open the window to air the room a little?

4、I’ve got bad toothache and I can’t fall asleep at night.

5、Is it possible for my sister to stay here with me ?

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6、I’ll need your signature on an operating permit.

7、Your sutures may be removed seven days after the operation.

8、At the thought of the operation, I feel nervous

9、 If you think it’s necessary, then go ahead.

10、The success rate of the operation has almost reached 100% in our country.







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