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三、Listen and number.听音标序号。(5分)

( )The pears are one yuan for four.

一.Listen and choose.听音,把序号写在括号里。(10分) ( )They ’ re pears. ( )1. A. eighty B. eight C. eighteen ( )2. A. sale B. size C. see ( )3. A. horse B. house C. help ( )4. A. you B. your C. yours ( )5. A. coat B. clothes C.cold ( )6. A. skirt B. shirt C. sweater ( )7. A. these B. this C. they ( )8. A. nine B. mine C. fine ( )9. A. hot B. hat C. cat

( )10. A. Moscow B. Sydney C. Singapore

二.Listen and tick or cross.听音判断,对 的(√)错的(×)( 1. It’s hot and sunny. ( )

2. It’s on the first floor. ( )

3. Yes, you can. ( ) 4. No, they are too small. ( )

5. They’re socks. ( )


( )That’s fine. I’ll take eight. ( )What are these?

( )How much are the pears? 四、看图、听音写单词。(5分) 1.My ______is a _______.

He is _______.

He likes to play ______.

2.Chen Jie has a green _______.

五、Listen and tick.听短文。在听到的物品下划(√)号。(5分)

Can you see these on Mr MacDonald’s farm?



一、 给下面的句子标出升(↗)降(↘)调(8分) 1. What about this hat? ( ) 2. Is this John’s? ( ) 3. No, it isn’t. ( ) 4. It’s Mike’s. ( )

二.Fill in the blanks.(填空)写出相应单词(8分)

1.water 2.table 3.fork 4.car

三、Look and choose.看图片,选择正确的序号填在括号里。(6分)

1. 2.


4. 5. 6.

( )a pretty black scarf ( )my friend’s umbrella ( )cheap sunglasses ( )a cute cow ( )long green beans ( )a fat hen 四、看图片写单词。(每题1分,共6分)




4 5


五、Read and choose.把正确的答语的序号填在括号里。(10分) 1 ( )How do you like this skirt? A. It’s ninety yuan. 2( ) What time is it ? B. It’s ten o’clock

3 ( )Can I try them on ? C. It’s very pretty . 4 ( )Whose tomatoes are those ? D. They’re Sarah’s. 5 ( )How much is it? E. Sure,here you are.

六、Read and choose.把正确答案的序号填在括号内。(10分) 1.( )Are these _____?No, _____gloves here.

A. you mine B. yours my C. your my

2.( )These are ____.

A. sheep B. sheeps C. sheepes


3.( )It time_____PE class.

八.Read and number. 将序号填在括号内。(每题1分,共6分)

A. to B. for C. under 4.( )They____very expensive.

A. is B. am C. are 5.( )Do you have a jacket? ______.

A. Yes, I do B. Yes, I am C. No,you don’t

七、Read and write. 将单词重新排列组成句子。(6分)

are these John’s shoes .

bike a this is red .

too they small are . 4. table Uncle Dan’s is this .

5. I’d forks four like .

( ) Oh! No ,thank you. That’s expensive. ( )Yes . Do you have any oranges? ( )They’re nice. How much? ( )Can I help you?

( )Yes ,of course. How about these? ( )Ten yuan for four.

九.Read and tick(√)or cross(×).(每小题2分,共10 分) Grandpa ,

Thank you for the hat. It is sunny here. I wear it every day. I don’t like the city.the food here is very expensive! The food in the country is nice and cheap.

How is my dog? He is so friendly and cute. I miss the ducks,too. How many baby ducks are there on the farm now? Please write soon! Love, Wang Ke

1. It is cloudy in the city.( ) 2. Wang Ke has a new hat. ( ) 3. The food in the city is expensive. ( ) 4. There are ducks on the farm. ( ) 5. Wang Ke likes country. ( )


There are animals,too. What are these? They are sheep. Mr MacDonald has ten sheep on the farm. 一.Listen and choose.听音,把序号写在括号里。 Are those sheep? No ,they are goats. They love to eat carrots! 1 A. eighty 2 B . size 3 C. help 4 B. your 5 C. cold 6 听力材料

B. shirt 7 A. these 8 B. mine 9 A. hot 10 C. Singapore

二.Listen and tick or cross.听音判断,对 的(√)错的(×)

1.What’s the weather like in Beijing?It’s hot and sunny. ( )

2. Where’s the library? It’s on the second floor. ( )

3.Can I have some soup? Yes, you can. ( )

4.John ,are they OK? No, they are too big. ( )

5..What are these? They’re shorts. ( )

三、listen and number.听录音标序号。

What are these?

They’re pears.

How much are the pears?

The pears are one yuan for four.

That’s fine. I’ll take eight.


1.My uncle is a farmer. He is tall. He likes to play ball.

2. .Chen Jie has a green apple.

五、Listen and tick

This is the vegetable garden. These are carrots and potatoes. Those are tomatoes and green beans over there.


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