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青少版新概念 1B Unit 24-27 测试卷

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JC 1B Unit 24—27

1.Do you want ______ vegetables?

A、some B、any C、same

2.Do you ______ any fruit?

A、like B、likes C、wants

3.Do you want any cucumbers ____ potatoes?

A、and B、but C、or

4. ___________, I don’t like fruit very much.

A、Yes ,please B、No ,thank you C、Yes ,thank you.

5. Do you like salmon?


A、Yes ,I am. B、No, I don’t. C、Yes,I do.

6. How _______ suger do you need?

A、many B、much C、any

7. I must go to ______supermarket.

A、a B、an C、the

8.Let’s ________ a shopping list.

A、make B、go C、makes

9. There is a ________of wine on the desk.

A、box B、bottle C、boxes

10. ______ she want any wine?

A、does B、Do C、Does

四.补全对话 5分

try, want, right,, see, but

Mum: Here’s the menu. What do you want, kids?

Tom: Mum, I want burger, juice and ships.

Janet: Let me_________, Mum, I ___________ pasta, milk and grapes. Mum: And you, Ben?

Ben: Chicken, tea and juice, please.

Mum: What do you want, Ken?

Ken: I don’t like them. I like pizza.

Mum: _______ Ken, they don’t have pizza here. Let’s __________it next time, OK?

Ken: All________, Mum.

五. 阅读理解10分

Lucy and Lily

Lucy and Lily are sisters. They live in London. They are in high school. And they are in the same school. Their father is working in China now. They often write to their father. And their father often writes back to them. He says the Chinese people are very friendly and the Chinese food is very nice. He likes China very much. Lucy and Lily want to come to China, too.

( )1. Lucy and Lily live in ????? .

A. China B. England C. America

( )2. They study in a school.

A. high B. old C. new

( )3. Their father is in now.

A. China B. England C. America

( )4. Their father often to them, and tells them something about China.

A. speaks B. writes C. tells

( )5. Their father likes Chinese people and the Chinese .

A. food B. street C. river


1.You salmon like do

2 Is favourite it food kind of my

3 Have got potatoes I lots of kitchen in the

4 Pick just first then

5 Some we have fruit for dessert can

6 Must I go supermarket to

7 Lucy want you do vegetables what

8 Need we chocolate box a of

9 Isn’t there much tea tin the in

10 You can us a cup of bring coffee


1 any do vegetables you want

2 much need does how does

3 that can coat you show me please

4 day is what it

5 does Lucy how look

八,作文: In the Park (不少于12句)


提示词:play football swim talk walk fly a kite

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