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Words on Environmental Protection

1. 常用词汇

Desertification: the process of becoming or making something a desert 沙漠化

Effluent is liquid waste material that comes out of factories or sewage works 废水、污水 degradable .that can be changed to a simpler form 可降级的;可降低的;可降解的

exhaust. waste gases that come out of a vehicle, an engine or a machine (车辆、发动机或机器排出的)废气

soot 1.black powder that is produced when wood, coal, etc. is burnt 烟尘

discharge: the action of releasing a substance such as a liquid or gas

disposable: made to be thrown away after use 一次性的

emission: gas, etc. that is sent out into the air 排放物

conserve: protect something and prevent it from being changed or destroyed 保护

incinerator /?n?s?n?re?t?(r)/ 1.an enclosed container for burning waste at high temperatures (焚烧垃圾的)焚化炉

refuse /?refju?s/ 1.waste material that has been thrown 废物

pollutant 1.a substance that pollutes something, especially air and water 污染物;污染物质 Reserve: a piece of land that is a protected area for animals, plants, etc. (动植物)保护区;自然保护区

dustbin: a large container for rubbish from a house or other building

可降解一次性塑料袋 throwaway bio-degradable plastic bags

限期治理 undertake treatment within a prescribed limit of time

白色污染 white pollution (by using and littering of non-degradable white plastics) 生态示范区 eco-demonstration region; environment-friendly region

国家级生态示范区(珠海) Nationally Designated Eco-Demonstration Region

国家级园林城市 Nationally Designated Garden City

工业固体废物 industrial solid wastes

白色污染 white pollution (by using and littering of non-degradable white plastics)

可降解一次性塑料袋 throwaway bio-degradable plastic bags

有机污染物 organic pollutants

垃圾填埋场 refuse landfill

垃圾焚化厂 refuse incinerator

防止过度利用森林 protect forests from overexploitation 森林砍伐率 deforestation rate

水土流失 water and soil erosion

生态农业 environment-friendly agriculture; eco-agriculture 水资源保护区 water resource conservation zone

绿化面积 afforested areas; greening space

森林覆盖率 forest coverage

防风林 wind breaks

防沙林 sand breaks

速生林 fast-growing trees

降低资源消耗率 slow down the rate of resource degradation 开发可再生资源 develop renewable resources

环保产品 environment-friendly products

自然保护区 nature reserve

保护生存环境 conserve natural habitats

濒危野生动物 endangered wildlife

美化环境 landscaping design for environmental purposes 环境恶化 environmental degradation

空气污染浓度 air pollution concentration

酸雨、越境空气污染 acid rain and transboundary air pollution 工业粉尘排放 industrial dust discharge

烟尘排放 soot emissions

清洁能源 clean energy

汽车尾气排放 motor vehicle exhaust

尾气净化器 exhaust purifier

无铅汽油 lead-free gasoline

天然气汽车 gas-fueled vehicles

电动汽车 cell-driven vehicles; battery cars

小排量汽车 small-displacement (engine) vehicles

温室效应 greenhouse effect

工业废水处理率 treatment rate of industrial effluents

城市污水处理率 treatment rate of domestic sewage

集中处理厂 centralized treatment plant

2. 仅需了解的词汇

联合国环境与发展大会(环发大会) United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED)

环发大会首脑会议 Summit Session of UNCED

国际生物多样性日 International Biodiversity Day (29 December)

世界水日 World Water Day (22 March)

世界气象日 World Meteorological Day(23 March)

世界海洋日 World Oceans Day (8 June )

人与生物圈方案 Man and Biosphere (MAB) Programme (UNESCO)

中国21世纪议程 China's Agenda 21

中国生物多样性保护行动计划 China Biological Diversity Protection Action Plan

中国跨世纪绿色工程规划 China Trans-Century Green Project Plan

生物多样性公约 Convention on Biological Diversity

防治荒漠化国际公约 Convention to Combat Desertification

气候变化框架公约 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

国家环境保护总局 State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA)

坚持环境保护基本国策 adhere to the basic state policy of environmental protection

污染者负担的政策 "the-polluters-pay" policy

强化环境管理的政策 policy of tightening up environmental management

环保执法检查 environmental protection law enforcement inspection

限期治理 undertake treatment within a prescribed limit of time

三废综合利用 multipurpose use of three types of wastes(waste water, waste gas, solid waste) 城市垃圾无害化处理率 decontamination rate of urban refuse

海水淡化 sea water desalinization

土壤盐碱化 soil alkalization

造林工程 afforestation project

野生动植物 wild fauna and flora

珍稀濒危物种繁育基地 rare and endangered species breeding center

温饱型农业 subsistence agriculture

矿物燃料(煤、石油、天然气) fossil fuels: coal, oil, and natural gas

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