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一. Multiple choice(本题共 15 分,每小题 1 分) ----I _______to the zoo. ( )1. ---- What did you do yesterday? A. went B. go

C. will go ______ Sunday? C. on

2. Do you often go there A. in B. at

3. Were you at school? Yes , _______. A. I was B. I were C. I am ---On the hill behind our school.

4.---_______will you plant trees? A. What B. How C.Where

5.---What are they doing now? A. plant B. will plant

---They are ____ trees. C. planting

6.They _____basketball after school tomorrow. A.play B. playing C.will play

7. Please give me the bottle full _____ water. A. in B. of C. from

8. He is _____ of the three boys. A. taller B.tallest C.the tallest

9. Our classroom is ______the second floor. A. on B. in C.at

10. He is _____ stronger than me . A.very B.much C.too

11. If I climb up a tree, I can see _____. A. very B.near C. farther

12._____1982, droughts hit Australia. A. In B.on C.At

13. April 1st is _______. A.Teachers’ Day B. National Day C. Fool’s Day

14. We _____have an English test tomorrow.

A. had


C. will

15. Can you _____ the dog’s barking? A. listen B. listening C. hear

二 Write out the proper form of the following words. 1. big ______(比较级) 3. watch ______(第三人称单数形式) 5. fast______(最高级) 7. he ______(反身代词) 9. country ______(复述) 三.用所给动词的适当形式填空。 1. I _____(have) my birthday a few days ago. 2. He just wanted __________(play) a joke on you. 3. I ________(be) a worker when I grow up. 4. They do their best __________(protect ) them. 5. Her mother _________(wash) clothes every Sunday. 四.句型转换(本题共 15 分,每空 1 分) 1. He is eleven.(对划线部分提问) 2. _________ _________ is he? 2. see ______(过去式) 4 three______(序数词) 6. my______(名词性物主代词) 8. swim ______(现在分词) 10 there______(同音词)

My mother bought me four cakes.(改为否定句) _________me four cakes.

My mother _________ 3.

The children like the ball.(改为一般疑问句) _________ the ball?

_________ the children 4.

How’s the weather tomorrow?(写出同意句)

_________ the weather _________tomorrow? 5. Were you at home ? ( 做出肯定回答) 6. Yes, _________ _________.

She watched TV yesterday afternoon.( 用 now 改写)

She _________ _________ TV _________. 7. I made a kite yesterday.(变为一般将来时态)

I _________ _________ a kite tomorrow. 五.请从 B 栏中选出与 A 栏相对应的句子。 1.Where is the reading room?

A. He is a doctor

2.What’s the weather like tomorrow? 3.Which is taller, the house or the sheep? 4.How do you often go to school? 5.Where were you born? 6.What does your father do ? 7.Did you go to the park last Sunday? 8.How many boys canyou see? 9.May I borrow your bike? 10. What’s the matter?

B. My head hurts. C.It’s on the fifth floor. D. Yes, we did. E.The horse is. F.I was born in April, 1990. G. It will be cold. H. Certainly. Here you are. I. On foot. J. I can see four.

六 Complete the dialogue.完成对话。 (共 10 分,每空 2 分) A: What did you do last Sunday? B: I (1)______ to the zoo. A:Who (2)______ you there? B:My Parents. A: (3)______ did you go there B: We went by bus. A:Did you (4)______ a good time? B:Yes, we (5)______. 1_________2________3_______4________5_________ 七.Choose the corret answer according to the passage.根据短文内容选择最佳答案。 I am a chinese girl. I am 12. My brother and I are the same age. We are pupils . I had my birthday on May 25th . My mother bought a big dol for me . My father bought a bike for me . I had a good time on my birthday. 1.She is a ______ girl. A. English B. Chinese C. American

2. Her brother is _________ years old. A. eleven B. thirteen C. twelve

3. She had her birthday on _________. A. Marth 12th B. May 25th


April 15th

4.Her mother bought a _________ for her.

A. kite

B. bike

C. big doll

5.Her father bought a ______ for her. A. bike B. doll C. cake

判断对错(对的 T 错误 F, 共 10 分,每小题 2 分) Today is Monday. Jack goes to London to see Mr Brown. His office is near the station, next to a hospital. but where is the hospital ? Jack can’t find it .So he asks the woman. The woman says, “Go down this street. Turn left and the hospital is on the right.” Jack finds the place. 1. Today is Tuesday. 2. Jack goes to London to see Mr Brown. 3. Mr. Brown’s office is in front of the hospital. 4. The woman knows that hospital. 5. Jack finds the place. 八、完形填空 I have a good friend. Rowswell. He Chinese very 7 5 3 1 Chinese name is Da Shan and his 4 2 name is Mark

from Canada. He can

English and French (法语). And he speaks 6 Beijing. Da Shan

. He likes China very much. Now he teaches English 8 9

a big nose, big eyes

short brown hair. He has a happy family. His wife (妻子) is from two children. Da Shan`s father and mother are in Canada. But 10

Sichuan, China. They

like China, too. And they often come to China. ( ) 1. A. He ( ) 2. A. English ( ) 3. A. come ( ) 4. A. speak ( ) 5. A. good ( ) 6. A. at ( ) 7. A. is ( ) 8. A. and ( ) 9. A. are ( ) 10. A. they B. to B. are B. or B. have B. them C. is C. their

B. Him B. French B. does B. speaks B. nice

C. His C. Chinese C. comes C. says C. well C. in C. has C. so

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