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用动词适当形式填空 1.The postman_______(send) a letter now. He likes _____(he) job. 2.Look, that is my little sister. She ______(read)_______(she)favourite book. 3.Kitty and Miss Fang ____________(look) at the map of the park now. 4.It's 8 o'clock. Peter ____________(run) on the Park Road. 5.Look, Kitty is beside the pond. She _______(watch) the fish and the ducks. 6.Have you got _________(some) apples? Yes, I’ve got ______(some). 7. Where are _______(they) friends? ______(they) are in the playground. 8. _______ (not) open the window, please. It's cold. 9. She ______ (like) to ______ (sing). 10. Linda's mother______(not have) got coffee, but Linda ______(have). 11. There _______(be) some juice in the bottle. There ______(be) five bottles of juice. 12. Can your uncle ____ (sing) very well? Yes, he is ______(sing) now. 13. Her cousins _______(like)________(draw)pictures. But now they_____________(write) their homework. 14. Where are the pupils? They __________(have) lunch in the canteen. 15. Here __________ (be) any hay for the small cow. 句型转换: 1. They are doing housework. (分别改成一般疑问句和否定句) _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 2.The students are cleaning the classroom . ( 改一般疑问句并作肯定和否 定回答) ______________________________________________________________ 3.I’m playing football in the playground .(对划线部分进行提问) _________________________________________________________________ 4.Tom is reading books in his study . (对划线部分进行提问) _________________________________________________________________ 现在进行时翻译练习 1.我正在读英语。 I ________ ___________ English. 2.他正在写字。 He ______ _________. 3.你正在唱歌吗?是的,我在唱歌。不,我不在唱歌。 _______ you ________? Yes, ______ _________. / No, _______ _______

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