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(1)人称代词 I her my he me his it we us they you them your their She

(2)人物名称词语 dad grandpa mum grandma father sister monther brother daddy uncle mummy aunt

(3)指示形容词与指示代词 this (4)介词 in (5) be 动词 is am are can on above at that these those

(6)特殊疑问词 What (8)数字单词 One eight (9)颜色单词 red pink yellow white brown orange green blue black two nine three ten four eleven five six twelve seven who when where why how many how old

(10)水果蔬菜(食物)单词 banana apple cake bread mango carrot milk juice rice sweet pear bean peach tomato hamburger chocolate orange potato hot dog pie egg





(11)动物单词 cow monkey butterfly (12)人体器官单词 head 头 hand hair 头发 mouth lip 嘴唇 nose ear tooth 牙齿 eye neck 脖子 duck tiger pig panda cat dog bear bee lion bird ant

(13)文具及学习类单词 book crayon (14)交通工具 bus jeep car boat taxi bike plane train bag rubber pencil paper(纸) pencil-box brush(画笔) pen ruler ink(墨水)

(15)衣物类单词 coat shirt sweat blouse T-shirt shoe(鞋) skirt jacket dress

(16)其他单词 morning sing red packet cook big sofa bell farm help market kite small table bed doll count round TV puzzle zip sky time afternoon run jump teacher balloon bright chair bottle yo-yo some look at evening dance doctor sun door flower box night card nurse moon window tree can puppet have clean love doll worker star desk gift water lesson like some

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