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1) computer radio bookcase 2)pen ruler notebook

3) book pencil eraser 4) egg sausage sandwich

5) mango lemon pineapple


1)I have got big (ears , eye).

2) The baby has a (big nose, small mouth).

3)Has Jane got 4)That boy hasn’t got long 5)My mother hasn’t got pretty (long , short).


Every morning I get up at 6:30 I my breakfast at 6:45 I to school at 7:00 After class I or with my dog . TVcakes every day. fish,but I don’chicken .

笔试 .

一 .词汇(10分)


range. ck. 2.选出与其它三个选项不是同一类的单词。(5分)

( ) 1).A father B son C aunt D classroom

( ) 2).A duck B grandma C brother D sister

( ) 3).A bus B uncle C mother D aunt

( ) 4).A her B he’s C my D your

( ) 5).A beef B fish C chicken D dinner


( )1. What’name? A .you B. your C. yours.

( I’m ten . A. What B .Who C.how

( A. What’s B. What C. What is

( bike. A. Ann’s B. Ann C. anns\

( A. duck B. duck is C. ducks

( A .on B. of C. in

( )7.What’breakfast? I like bananas. A for B of C to

( )8.The cloud is A red B brown C white

( A is B am C are

( )10.Do you like my new bike? A Yes, it’s beautiful B Yes, I like. C Yes,I am


banana pear



What colour do you like? No, he hasn’t.

Has he got a teddy bear? I want a pear.

Do you want an apple or a peat? He is Ben.

What’s your favourite juice? I like red.

What’s his name? Orange juice



书包) is nice

六.阅读短文,判断正(T)误(F) (10分)

My name is Amy. There are people in my family. My fathe is a doctor. He likes sports. My mother is quiet.She likes painting. She is a nurse. My brother is tall and strong.He likes playing baseball. He is a player. I am a student. I want to be a teacher.

( )1.There are three people in Amy’s family.

( )2.Amy’s father is a teacher.

( )3.Amy’s mother is a nurse.

( )4.Amy’s brother is tall and strong.

( )5.Amy is a teacher.

七.作文(自我介绍) (10分)

. I’m 高) .I have a big (鼻子(嘴).

There are poeple in my family. They are my father ,mother and I. They love me very much. I like 颜色).but I don’(颜色). I like (动物)。 (水果).

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