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PEP版五年级上小学英语:Unit 4 What can you do 单元测试

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姓名 ________班级____________等级____

Listening part 听力部分

一、 听音,排序。


( ) 1. A. look B. cook C. book

( ) 2. A. sweep B. sweet C. sleep

( ) 3. A. cook the meals B. sweep the floor C. read books

( ) 4. A. clean the bedroom B. wash the windows

C. draw animals in the zoo.

( ) 5. A. water the flowers B. wash the windows

C. draw animals in the zoo.


( ) 1. What can Chen Jie do ?

C. He can empty the trash.

( ) 2. Can Li Yang do housework ?

A. Yes, he can . B. No, he can . C. No, he can't.

( ) 3. What day is it today ?

A, Sunday. B. Saturday. C. Friday .

( ) 4. What can Miss Yang's sister do ?

A. He can water the flowers. B. She can set the table. C. She can

water the flowers.

( ) 5. Are they helpful ?

A. Yes, they can. B. No, they can't . C. Yes, they are.

四、根据你听的问句,选择答语。 A: she can cook the meals. B. She can sweep the floor.

( ) 1. A. Yes, he can B. No, she can't.

( ) 2. A. Yes, you can. B. No, I can't.

( ) 3. A. Yes, she can . B. No, I can't.


( ) 4. A. Sure, he can. B. Sure, he can't.

( ) 5. A. Yes, I can . B. Yes, it can.

Writing Part 笔试部分


____________________ _____________________ ____________________

____________________ _____________________ ____________________

_________________________ _______________________________


( ) 1. What ____you do at home ?

A.. do B. have C. are D. can

( ) 2. I can't cook the meals ,but my mother _______.

A.. do B. are C . can D. have.

( ) 3. I'm a ______boy , I can do housework at home.

A. helpful B. good C. tall D. fat

( ) 4. Can you ______the floor ?

A. set B .wash C. sweep D. make

( ) 5. Petty can water the ________.

A. floor B. bed C. trash D. flowers

( ) 6.Zip ____cook the meals, but he can set the table.

A. can B. can't C. like D. have

( ) 7.John, can you do housework ?


Yes, I can. ___only a little.

A. And B, But C. Can D. Do

( ) 8.Come on, John .Let's go to the garden and ___.

A. pour the water B. water the flowers

C. clean the classroom

( ) 9.Dinner is over .I can ______.

A. wash the clothes B. make the bed C. do the dishes

( ) 10.It's raining. I have to ___.

A. wash the windows B. empty the trash

C. put away the clothes


( ) 1.What can you do? A.It’s Sunday.

( ) 2.What do you have on Wednesdays? B.No, I can’t.

( ) 3.What day is it today? C.I can wash the window.

( ) 4.Can you water the flowers? D.Grapes.

( ) 5.What’s your favourite fruit? E.We have English,math.


1. put away can I clothes the


2. do you can what


3.I like have would to a try


4.computer you can a use


5. the meals Sarah cook can



Today is Saturday. Peter's family is all at home. They would like to do some housework. His father says: "I can sweep the floor ,and clean the windows. "His mother says:" I can wash the clothes and cook the meals." Peter and his sister say: "Let's water the flowers, empty the trash and put away the clothes."

( )1.It is Saturday today.

( )2. Peter's brother is not at home.

( )3..His father can sweep the floor.


( )4.His mother can cook the meals.

( )5. Peter can't put away the clothes.


Dear Mom:

I am helpful. I can do housework for you. I can _________________, I can

____________________, I can ____________________, I can _______________,

I can ____________________. Let me help you! Love,



1. sweep the floor

2. clesn the bedroom

3. do homework

4. water the flowers

5. cppk the meals


1. My mother can cook the meals.

2. He can sweep the floor .

3. I often read books .

4. She can wash the windows.

5. Mike can draw animals in the zoo.


1. What can you do ,Chen Jie?

I can sweep the floor.

2. Li Yang often does housework at home .

3. It's Saturday today. Let's play football.

4. Can you water the flowers ,Miss Yang?

Yes, I can. And my sister can water the flowers ,too.


5. Are they helpful? Yes , they are.


1. Can Mike cook the meals ?

2. Can you draw our English teacher ?

3. Can your mother speak English ?

4. Can robot use a computer ?

5. Can a fish swim ?


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