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1. September(缩写式)____ 2. butterfly(复数)___ 3. it(复数)_____

4. swing(现在分词)____5. see(同音词)___6. come(反义词)___7. leaf(复数)__

8. let’s (完全式)___9. write(现在分词)____10. third(基数词)____ 11.do not(缩写式)___12.watch(三单形式)____13.five(序数词)____14.he(宾格) ___

15.dec.(全称) ____16.rain(形容词)(名词)

18.fly(三单形式)(同义词) 20.twenty(序数词)


( )1. My parents usually get up ________ 6:40. A. on B. in C. at

( )2 . ----What's the date today? ----____________

A. It's Tuesday. B. It's cool C. It's April 1st.

( )3 . ----Is Amy answering the phone? ----____________

A. Yes, he does. B. No, she is writing a letter. C. No, he isn't.

( )4. There is a call ____ you. A. for B. on C. at

( )5. ----__________? ----They are listening to music.

A. What do they do? B. What are you doing? C. What are your grandparents doing?

( ) 6. __________________ they playing sports? A. Are B. Is C. Am

( ) 7. Come and have a look __ the ants. A. for B. at C. to

( ) 8. _____ do you eat dinner? At 6:00p.m. A. What B. When C. Where

( ) 9. I play football _____ the weekend. A. in B. at C. on

( ) 10. What _____ the koalas doing? A. is B. are C. do

( ) 11. Look! The kangaroo ________. A. is jumping B. jumps C. jumping

( ) 12. ______ many birds in the sky. A. There is B. There are C. There have

( ) 13. Amy doesn’t like to play__ football. She likes to play __ piano.

A. the , the B. × , the C. the , ×

( ) 14. I can play _____ snow in winter. A. with B. the C. in

( ) 15. The _____ day of a week is Monday. A. first B. second C. third

( ) 16. _____ book is on the desk. A. She’s B. She C. Her

( ) 17. _____ she have a computer? A. Do B. Does C. Is

( ) 18. John is ______ dinner. A. eat B. eating C. eats

( ) 19. I ______ books at nine every evening. A. read B. reading C. am reading

( ) 20. _____ is your father reading a newspaper? He’s reading a newspaper in the kitchen.

A. Where B. When C. What


1、Are you having lunch at home ? . (肯定回答)

2、Jack now .(对画线部分提问 now ?

3、He goes to work at 7:00.(改为一般疑问句to work at 7:00?

4、对画线部分提问) lunch ?

5、, 否定回答)

6、Who has a birthday in September?(同义句)7、She often watches insects.(改为进行时态)

8、Is your grandma’s birthday in February?, 否定回答)

9、Zhangpeng and John are playing chess.

Zhangpeng playing chess John. (同义句)

10、They like to have a picnic. 改为否定句)

四、Form the sentences.(连词成句)(30分)

1. dancing little is monkey the __________________________

2 .mother panda doing the what is ________________________

3 .he the fishbowl in is watching the fish

4.usually in snows winter it in Canada ___________________________________

5. they, catching, butterflies, are(?)

6. when, get, do, up, usually ,you(?)

7. play ,sports, I, at, 3:00, usually(.)

8. do, why, winter, you, like(?)

9. parents ,mountains, I, with,sometimes, climb, my(.)

10. dancing is monkey the(?)11. mother panda doing the what is(?)

12.drawing , the,Wuyifan , ants ,of , is ,pictures(.)

13. big ,are, good, under, having, the, tree, a ,students, time

14.water ,with ,is ,that, its, elephant, truck ,drinking

15. the ,like ,what’s, weather, spring, in(?)


1、I would like________________(make) a snowaman.

2、She is running to ________(we).

3、Here______(come) a panda.

4、It is ________(snow)in Harbin.

5、Zhang Peng often _______(get) up at 6:00.

6、Amy is _______________(collect)___________(leaf).

7、My ____________(mom)birthday is in May.

8、Let’s _______(play)chess next weekend.

9、December is the (twelve)month of the year.

10、Thank you for _______(help)me.

六、Look and write. 看图写话,不少于五句(10分)

Look at the picture. There are many children in the park. Mike is picking up


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