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( ) 1. A. p m B. a m C. c d

( ) 2. A. U K B. H K C. U N

( ) 3. A. b d v B. d q p C. d b v

( ) 4. A. k h j B. j f g C. j q g

( ) 5. A. R E I B. I Y R C. D I Y

( ) 6. A. HXG B. XJH C. GPX

( ) 7. A. 110 B. 120 C. 114

( ) 8. A. 14 B. 13 C. 12

( ) 9. A. 45 B.55 C.25

( ) 10. A. 8 B. 7 C. 6


( ) 1、 A. by bus B. by train C. by subway

( ) 2、 A. turn left B. turn right C. go straight

( ) 3、 A. pick up leaves B. have a picnic C. wash clothes

( ) 4、 A. playing football B. playing chess C. playing the violin

( ) 5、 A. Where are you going in the evening?

B. What are you going to buy?

C. When are you going?


( ) 1. A. He goes to work by car. B. He is a TV reporter.

( ) 2. A. He is going to the cinema. B. He comes from Canada.

( ) 3. A. She likes collecting leaves. B. She is a singer.

( ) 4. A. It’s the cinema. B. It’s next to the bookstore.

( ) 5. A. I’m going to watch TV. B. I’m going to the library.


read on watch over river tree tofu rice

Hello! My name is Tom. I like English very much.. My favourite food is beef, eggplant and ______. I’m very

helpful. I can do the dishes, set the table and water the flowers. Today is Saturday. I often ______ books, do

my homework and ______ TV on Saturdays. My home is near a ______, there are some mountains behind my house.

There is a road in front of my house, you can see two bridges ______ it .Welcome to my home.


( )1、A、sweater B、teacher C、meat

( )2、A、brown B、snow C、yellow

( )3、A、mouse B、cow C、coat

( )4、A、eat B、sheep C、great

( )5、A、tall B、class C、small



( ) 1. 当你想知道对方是否喜欢学英语,问:

A. What do you like best? B. Do you like English?

C. I like English very much

( ) 2. 当你想知道小云的爸爸是干什么的,问:

A. What do you do? B. What does your father do?

C. What does she do?

( ) 3. 当你想知道对方接下来要干什么时,问:

A. What are you going to do? B. What are you doing?

C. What do you do?

( ) 4. 当你想知道雨是从哪里来时,问:

A. Where is the eraser?

B. Where does the rain come from?

C. Where is it from?

( ) 5. 当你想知道别人的爱好时,问:

A.What’s your name? B. What’s her hobby? C.What’s your hobby?

( ) 6. 当你打算去买漫画书时,说:x k b1.c o m

A. I’m going to buy a magazine. B. I’m going to buy an dictionary. C. I’m going to buy a comic book.

( ) 7. 当你想了解物品的颜色时,问:

A. What is this? B. What’s that? C. What colour is it?

( ) 8. 当你要了解别人会不会游泳时,问:

A. Do you like swimming? B. Can you swim?

C. I like swimming.

( ) 9. 当你想知道这星期六的天气如何时,问:

A. It’s Saturday today. B. What does the Saturday like?

C. What is the weather like this Saturday?

( ) 10. 当你想知道橡皮放在哪儿时,问:

A. Where is the eraser? B. Where is the pen? C. Where is it from?


( )1、What he do on Sunday?

A、do B、does C、is

( )2、What you like for lunch?

A、are B、do C、does

( )3、How many people are there your family?

A、in B、on C、with

( )4、What do you have Monday?

A、in B、on C、with

( )5、Tom fish very much.

A、like B、likes C、liking

( )6、I like apples very much, they’re sweet.

A、but B、and C、because

( )7、 time is it now?

A、How B、What C、When

( )8、What do you do on Sundays? I .

A、play violin B、play the violin C、plays the violin

( )9、It’s time lunch.

A、for B、to C、for have

( )10、Is she university student?

A、 a B、the C、an


1. It’s ________(在?旁边)the hospital.

2. My mother is a________(teach),she_______(teach)English.

3. My leg___________(疼痛)。

4. My uncle is an_____(act).

5. Did you_______(watch)TV yesterday?

6. We have _____(体育)and _________ (数学)on Tuesday.

7. I go to school by_______(自行车).


1. sang with danced and new I friends my .


2. hobby your What’s ?


3. happy you so look .


4. best season Which you do like ?


5. and stronger He’s taller me than . .



( )1. What does he do? A. She is going to the cinema. ( )2. How did you go? B. You can go by the No11 bus. ( )3. What did you do on your holiday? C. I went by bus.

( )4. How can I get there? D. He is a doctor. ( )5. Where is she going? E. I learned Chinese.


你上周末是怎样度过的,做了哪些事,把它写下来。注意时态!不少于5句。 _________________________________________________________


姓名: 学校:

一、 按要求写词。(10分)

1、new(反义词) 2、young(反义词)

3、bigger(原级) 4、thin(比较级)

5、well(比较级) 6、fat(比较级)

7、heavy(比较级) 8、long(比较级)

9、good(比较级) 10、far(比较级)



1、The ants run (slow)than the elephants.

2、He does (well)in Maths than me.

3、You are not (strong)than the other children.

4、Whose schoolbag is (heavy),yours or (I)?

5、I would like (go)swimming.


( )1.These are Chinese .

A 、 stamp B、stamps C、map

( )2.What’s time , please ?

A 、 it B、the C、this

( )3. read in the sun .

A 、 Please B、Do C、Don’t

( )4. I go to bed ten.

A 、 in B、on C、at

( )5. Can you spell name ?

A 、 you B、your C、he

( )6. Where my shoes ?

A am B、is C、are

( )7. I’m in Class One ,Grade Six .

A a B、the C、x

( )8. Are they . teachers ? ,they are.

A Yes . B、No. C、Sorry .

( )9. “How do you do ? ” “ ”

A I’m fine B、Hello C、How do you do?

( )10. Is that mother ? No ,she is mother .

A my?your . B、your ? his . C、you ?your.


1. My picture is nice than yours.

2. He gets up not as early as his brother.

3. It is colder in Beijing than Shanghai.

4. She sings well than Mike.

5. Does his father taller than his mother?


1. I get up at six thirty every day. (用yesterday morning 替代every day)

2. I get to the shopping centre by bus. (对画线部分提问)

3. Liu Tao is watering flowers in the garden. (对画线部分提问)

4. I see a man behind me. (改为一般过去时)

5. It is hot in summer in New York. (对画线部分提问)


My family

My name is Tom . I am an American boy .I am twelve .My father is a worker . My mother is an English

teacher .She is a good teacher . The students all like her . My sister Linda and I are in the same school . We

are good students.

( )1. My name is Tom .

( )2. I am English .

( )3. Linda is my sister

( )4. Tom and Linda are in the same class .

( )5. My mother is a Chinese teacher .



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