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6A Unit2 D F课件

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Part D, F

Put on a short play


Jim is a new student in Ben’s class. He lives near Ben. Ben and Jim often go home together after school. Today, Ben is visiting Jim.They are in Jim’s room. They are talking about Ben’s birthday.

1. When’s Ben’s birthday? It’s on the 18th of October. 2.What would he like as a birthday present? He’d like a yo-yo, and a VCD of Japanese cartoons. 3.Does he want to have a birthday party?

Yes, he does.


Ben is talking to his family about his birthday party.

a big birthday cake with lots of strawberries

1. What would Ben like for his birthday party? He’d like a big birthday cake. 2. What would he like as his birthday present ? He’d like some fish. 3. What colour? A blue one and a yellow one.

coming a big cake strawberries

blue buy yellow

Dear Ben Happy birthday to you!

Miss Zhang

How to make a birthday card
① ②

Take a piece of paper.

Fold (折叠) it in half.

③ ④

Dear … Happy birthday to you!

Draw a picture on the card.

Write a message inside(在……里面) the card.


Do a survey
The first

The second The third

1.When’s your birthday? 2.What would you like as a birthday present?

Homework: 1.通过询问,制作爸爸妈妈, 爷爷奶奶的生日表。 2.预习Part E,G,H。

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