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4. 4. What is it of?

六年级英语期末模拟试题 一、听录音选出你所听到的单词

( ) 1. A cloudy B close C clothes ( ) 2. A evening B everything C everyone ( ) 3. A at B ant C aunt ( ) 4. A bank B bag C back ( ) 5. A late B lake C leg 二、听问句,选择正确的答句

( ) 1. A. Tokyo B Beijing

( ) 2. A. Yes, I’d like. B. Yes, I’d like to. ( ) 3. A. It’s about three kilometres away. B. Take bus No.9. ( ) 4. A. At 8 o’clock B By bus

( ) 5. A. Seeing a film B. Watching TV

三、根据所听到的内容,选择与内容一致的句子,将其序号填在括号内。 ( ) 1 A. They are from my grandparents.

B .They are from my parents. ( ) 2 A. They mean the same thing.

B. They mean different things.

( ) 3A. People usually eat rice dumplings.

B People usually have a long holiday.

( ) 4A. Helen visited a farm last year.

B Helen visited a farm at the weekends.

( ) 5A. They are looking for camera.

B They are watching the running race.


1. There’s a bus every five_________.

2. Liu Tao’s going to Nanjing by ________. 3. Gao Shan is writing a letter to his _______.

5. what is your activity?


( ) 1. What do people usually do ____ Spring Festival? A. in B. on C. at ( ) 2. When _____ your birthday?

A. is B. are C. am ( ) 3. Which season is from March to May? A. spring B. summer C. winter

( ) 4. These _____ a lot of water in the bottle just now. A. are B. is C. was

( ) 8. Su Yang jumps ______ than Su Hai in high jump. A. farther B. longer C. higher 六、阅读理解。

It was Sunday, father and David were going fishing. David’s mother asked them to take the raincoats with them. “It’s going to rain this afternoon.” “The weather is so fine,” said David, “we don’t need raincoats.” “Don’t take them then,” mother said, “and you’ll be sorry.”

Father and David haven’t got raincoats. It was fine in the morning, but in the afternoon there were a lot of dark cloud(乌云) in the sky.

“Your mother was right, David,” said father, “It’s going to rain.” “What shall we do, Dad?” “Let’s go home quickly!”

But it’s too late. There was a heavy rain. They were wet(湿) when they got home.

“Did you catch any fish?” asked mother. “No,” said David, “we’ve got a cold!”


( ) 1. Father and David went fishing this Saturday.

( ) 2. It was fine that morning.

( ) 3. Father and David went fishing with raincoats.

( ) 4. They’ve got a cold.

( ) 5. Mother was wrong.

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