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九月公开课 教学设计

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Unit 2 what’s your number ?

_ lesson 8


1.teaching aims:

1. the techknowledge : and skill : 使学生熟练掌握新单词three, four , thirteen ,and fourteen 的四大听说读写的能力。以及会灵活运用句型what’s your number ? 及答语 I’m number thirteen 。2.the process and methods: 通过games, group work and presentation 集中不同形式的活动方式使学生在轻松愉快的学习氛围中主动学习和掌握所学知识。3. 情感态度及价值观:通过学习使学生培养助人为乐的精神品质,可以主动帮助考场内的同学询问其考号,然后帮忙找到座位号。

2. the teaching important points :1.

1.使学生掌握单词 three ,four 的听说读写的能力,掌握句型 what’s your number ?的实际意义及灵活运用。

3. the teaching difficult points :

单词 three 及thirteen 的正确发音即学生说的能力,以及句型I’m number thirteen ,中,要知道number 在句子中是指第几号而不仅仅是数字的意思。

4.the teaching methods:

1.games, 2.group work ,3.presentation .

5. the teaching aids :

1. chalks,2.blackboard ,3. ppt 4.word cards.

6. the teaching process :

T: hello!boys and girls.

S;:stand up,good morning teacher.

T: good morning students, thank you , sitdown please. now, I have some question,随机抽问,you please, hello!my name is An Jiang Mei, what’s your name?

S: my name is …

T: ok, thank you .sitdown please . ok ,you please , where are you from ? S; I’m from china .

T; ok , thank you ,sitdown please .and you please , what class are you in ? S: I’m in class three grade four .

T: ok , good ,thank you ,sit down please ,now ,listen to me carefully , 好, 同学们在学校有没有开过运动会呀?

T; 有。

S; 那么我们班有没有参加过运动会的同学呢?

S: YOU ,我参加过,

T: ok , 有得奖的同学/吗?can you tell me did you remember what’s your number? 你还记得自己你是多少号吗?


T; OK , let’s look a picture , what’s are they doing ? how many people ?

let’s count it together ,ok ?

S; 在进行跑步比赛,one .two .three .our …ten.

T; yes ,they are running ,right ? do you know who is winner ? ,ok , next picture , who can tell me what’s number is first?

S: 3 号。

T: ok , three number is first , right ?同时出现ppt 3 的图片,在黑板上书写四线三格three, ok , read after me ,three three three ,

S: three .

T: who is second ? it’s number four ? Ok , read after me , four .four four . S: four.

T: [thirteen , fourteen .同上。],now, let’s play a game .ok?Listen to me carefully. ( 一分钟内,单词速记,看谁记得有对又对又快。) S: ......

T: (老师检查。)随机抽问,you please, what”s your number? T: I’m number fourteen .

T: yes ,very good.thank you .now , practice the dialogue with your partner.

S: ......

T: ok . Stop it . Who want to try? Ok ,you please,

S: (同桌之间读句子。)

T: let’s check you . You Please .

Sa : what’s your number? Sb: i’m number thirteen .

T: ok ,wonderful.thank you ,sit down please. Now . I will give you some words to make up your new dialogue. Ok ? Start .

S: ...

T:ok . Do you finish? Now, which group wants to perform?,ok , you please.


T: ok , thank you ,go back to your seat . Now , time is over , 那么同学们能归结一下我们都学了什么吗?谁来回答一下。Ok . you plaese , S: 我们学了数字three , four ,还有 thirteen , fourteen .

T:yes , you have a good job. Ok ,goodbye students.

S: goodbye teacher.

7. 板书设计: unit 2 What’s your number? Lesson 8

8. Home work: exercise book ,(lesson 8)

Writing new words .

Teaching your parents with the new words.

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