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Lesson 1 What’s your name?

1. 重点字母:Aa, Bb, Cc

2. 重点单词:am, come, go, hello, here, Hi, I, in, is, mom, morning, my, name, night, OK, out, see, the,

you, your, what

3. 重点句子:

—What’s your name? —My name is…/I’m…

Come here.

—Good night. —See you in the morning.

Lesson 2 Nice to meet you

1. 重点字母:Dd, Ee, Ff

2. 重点单词:are, bye, class, day, fine, friend, have, how, meet, Miss, nice, this, too

3. 重点句子:

—How are you? —I’m fine, thanks. This is my friend…

—Nice to meet you. —Nice to meet you, too.

Good morning, class.

Have a nice day. —Good-bye. —Bye-bye.

Lesson 3 This is my room

1. 重点字母:Gg, Hh, Li

2. 重点单词:afternoon, bag, book, chair, computer, desk, dog, down, eraser, friend, it, kid, pencil,

please, room, sit, stand, that, up, yes

3. 重点句子:

1 Good afternoon. 2 This is my room.

3 Sit down, please. 4 —Is this your bag? —Yes, it is./No, it isn’t.

Lesson 4 Who’s she?

1. 重点字母:Jj, Kk, Ll

2. 重点词汇:brother, dad, he, me, pick, picture, put, she, sister, who

3. 重点句子:

This is my…

—Who’s this? —It’s my…

—Who’s he/she? —He/She is…

Lesson 5 What’s that?

1. 重点字母:Mm, Nn, Oo

2. 重点单词:ball, cap, car, head, look, monster, sorry, at

3. 重点句子:

—What’s this? —It’s a ball.

—Is this your cap? —No, it’s not. /Yes, it is.

Lesson 6 What’s your number?

1. 重点字母:Pp, Qq, Rr

2. 重点单词:panda, queen, rabbit, eight, first, five, four, jump, nine, number, on, one, ready, run, seven, shirt, six, ten, three, two, walk

3. 重点句子:

My/Your number is ten.

What’s your/my number?

Lesson 7 Close your eyes

1. 重点字母:Ss, Tt, Uu

2. 重点单词:all, close, ear, eye(s), foot, hand, mouth, move, nose, now, open, light, shoe, sure, wave

3. 重点句子:

—Are you okay? —Yes, I’m okay.

—I’m sorry. —That’s all right.

—Move /Wave your… , please. —Sure./OK.

Lesson 8 Do you have a dog?

1. 重点字母:Vv, Ww, Xx

2. 重点单词:big, cat, cool, cute, do, get, smart, so, very, watch

3. 重点句子:

—I have a dog. It’s very big.

Do you have a dog? —Yes, I do./ No, I don’t.

Lesson 9 I like monkeys

重点字母:Yy, Zz

1. 重点单词:elephant, giraffe, like, monkey, panda, small, tall, there

2. 重点句子:

—Do you like…? —Yes, I do./ No, I don’t.

—Is it a…? —Yes, it is./No, it isn’t.

—I like+复数… —Me too.

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