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Unit 3 Look at my nose——Lesson 14

Ⅰ.Teaching Material:

三年级上册 Unit 3 Look at my nose. Lesson 14

Ⅱ. Teaching Content:

1.Words: face mouth

2.Dialouge: -look at my face.

-oh, he has a big face .

Ⅲ. Teaching Purpose:

1. Knowledge: To help the students skifully master the words and sentences of this lesson.

2.Ability: Enable the students to answer the question of “How are you?” according to their real feelings in their daily lives.

3.Emotion: Guide the students to love lives and treasure their own bodies. Ⅳ. Main and difficult points:

The Main points: 1.Words: face mouth

2.Relevant sentences in the dialouge:

-look at My face .

-oh ,he has a big face. The difficult points: To learn the words and to use the sentences correctly in the daily life.

Ⅴ.Teaching and Learning methods:

Situation creation, group cooperation, TPR activity

Ⅵ.Teaching aids:

Bandage, PPT, Tape-Recorder, Teaching Cards, Stickers.

Ⅶ. Teaching Steps:


⑴Play the tape “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” to set off the happy atmosphere of class;

⑵Sing and act out the song “Hello! How are you?” with two students acting in front of the class.


⑴Review the words of this Unit by the form of group activity(3/G, and then together).

⑵Encourage the students to perform English dialouges freely.

3. Presentation

⑴Doing an TPR activity to strengthen the students’ English knowledge of body organs.

Order: ①Touch your nose/ face/ eye/ eyes ②close your eyes, open your eyes, open your mouth, close your mouth ③nod your head ④clap your hands ⑤wave your arm ⑥touch your ear/ mouth .

⑵By the end of the TPR activity the teacher touch her own leg gently and say: “touch your leg, leg, leg.”

⑶Show the PPT of “leg” to the students, and encourage the students to read it out loudly. Practice this word repeatedly by using the teaching cards.

⑷Ask the students to spell the word “l-e-g , leg” by following the teacher, and then spell together.

⑸The same way to learn the words “knee” and “foot” .

4. Practice

⑴Practice the three words for many times with the purpose of strengthening the students knowledge.

⑵Additional knowledge: introduce the plural form of leg, knee and foot, which are legs, knees and feet by the way of PPT pictures.

⑶Play the tape and sing a song “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” together to strengthen their knowledge.


⑴ The teacher pretend to hurt her leg purposely, and lead the students to ask “how are you?” and then the teacher answer “not too good”. Meantime, the two sentences being shown on PPT.

⑵Ask the students to read the 2 sentences repeatedly and then practice it in groups.

⑶Encourage each group to perform it out(DON’T FORGET TO PRAISE THEM!!). ⒁The teacher show the students her leg with bandage on it and say “Look at my leg”. The students would surely say “Oh, sorry.” The teacher praise them and told them another way to express sorrow, that is “Oh, no! I’m sorry”. Mean time, the two sentences being shown on PPT. ⒂The same way to practice “Look at my face. Oh, no! I’m sorry!” ⒃Listen to the tape, enable the students to read by following it and point at the sentences.

6. Practice

⑴Repeat and read the dialouge many times.

⑵Act it out in groups.

⑶Ask the students to make up a new dialouge in groups and perform it out in front of the class.(PRAISE THEM WITH STICKERS!!!)

7. Summary

Let the students conclude the main and difficult points of this lesson:

1.Words: face mouth

2.Dialouge: -How are you, Gao Wei?

-Not too good! Look at my face.

-Oh, no! I’m sorry!

(If necessary, the teacher can make a supplement.)

(Remember to remind the students to love lives and treasure their own bodies.)


必做: 1. 听,读,背诵本课所学对话。

2. 用英语向朋友介绍本单元所学身体各部位

选做: 小组创编新对话并表演

Ⅸ. Blackboard Writing:

Unit 3 Look at my nose

Lesson 17

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