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A Monkey and a Tiger

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A Monkey and a Tiger

Today I am very happy to stand here, telling you a story:A Monkey and a tiger .Every one thinks the monkey is very small, but the tiger is strong.In this story Little Monkey uses his wisdow to bit the tiger. just remenber those who are weak can beat those who are strong. let's share the story.

An old tiger lives in the forest. He does not want to look for food . He often tells other animals to bring him something to eat.

One day He sees a monkey and says," I'm hungry, monkey. Go to the village and bring me a fat pig."

"Oh, Tiger," says the monkey. "I can't do that now. There is another tiger over there. He also wants a fat pig. He will not let me get anything for you to eat. I am afraid of him."

"What?" cries the tiger. "Show me that tiger. I will teach him a lesson ."

"Come with me," says the monkey.

The monkey and the tiger get to a bridge over the river. "Now look down at the water," says the monkey.

"Do you see the head, the white teeth and the big green eyes of a tiger?"

"Yes, I do," says the old tiger," I will eat him up!"

“Grr…! So you told Monkey not to bring me anything?!Grrr … I’ll kill you!”

With these words the tiger jumped into the river. He did not come out again.

“Ha,ha, ha! Goodbye, Mr Tiger,” said the monkey and he went away .

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