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Li Ying likes English very much. She works hard. She reads English every morning. She likes speaking English. She often listens to the radio. She watches TV only on Saturday evening.

Does she like dancing? No, she doesn’t. But she likes drawing and singing. Her parents like her. And all the teachers and her friends like her, too.


I.Read carefully and write“T” for True and “F” for false beside the statements. 仔细阅读,在下列句子前标上T(对)或F(不对)。

( ) 1. Li Ying likes English.

( ) 2. She watches TV every evening.

( ) 3. She reads Chinese every morning.

( ) 4. All the teachers like her.

II.Choose the best answer, A, B , C ,or D, to these questions. 在A, B,C,D中选出一个最佳答案。

( ) 1. Does Li Ying usually write English in the morning?

A. Yes, he does. B. Yes, he is. C. No, she doesn’t D. No, she isn’t

( ) 2. Does she like listening to the radio?

A. Yes, she does. B. No, she doesn’t.

C. Yes, she is. D. No, she isn’t

( ) 3. Li Ying watches TV_____________.

A. in the morning B. in the afternoon

C. every evening D. on Saturday evening

( ) 4. What does she like?

A. Speaking English B .Dancing.

C. Drawing and singing. D. Both A and C.


It is Sunday today. The weather is fine. Mingming and Dongdong are in the park. It is a big park. They can see many people there. They come hereto have a rest after a week’s hard work and study. Some boys are playing football on the grass. Some girls are singing and dancing. An old man is reading a newspaper under a big tree. A young woman and her little son are playing with a toy bus. How happy they are!


I. Read carefully and write“T” for True and “F” for false beside

the statements. 仔细阅读,在下列句子前标上T(对)或F(不对)。

( ) 1. Mingming and Dongdong are in a small park.

( ) 2. Some boys are singing on the grass.

( ) 3. A young man and his child are playing with a toy bus.

( )4. There is an old man reading a newspaper under a big tree.

II.Choose the best answer, A, B , C ,or D, to these questions. 在A, B,C,D中选出一个最佳答案。

( ) 1. Is it a fine day?

A. Yes, it is. B. No, it isn’t. C. Yes, it’s raining. D. No, it’s fine.

( ) 2. What day is it today?

A. Thursday. B. Friday. C. Saturday D. Sunday.

( ) 3. Many people come to the park to _______.

A. work B. study C. have a rest D. play football

( ) 4. What are the boys doing? They’re ________.

A. singing B. dancing

C. playing/football D. reading newspapers


Bob is ten yeas old. His birthday is on Sunday. Pat, Tom, Jane is planning to have a birthday party for him. Pat can bring potato chips and popcorn.

Tom can bring hot dogs. Jane can bring cakes and orange juice. Let’s go home.

See you on Sunday at five thirty.


( )1. Bob is ten years old.

( )2. Bob’s father is planning a party.

( )3. Bob’s birthday is on Sunday.

( )4.They are planning to bring some snack.

( )5. Jane can bring lemonade.

欣赏: (一)

How to Be a Good Student

We students are the builders and masters of the country. It is important for us to know how to be a good student.

A good student, I think, should be diligent in his studies. The more he studies, the more he will increase his knowledge. Without enough knowledge, we cannot make great contributions to the

modernization of our country. To take care of one's own body is another important thing for good student to do. Anyone, who hasn't got a strong body, can do nothing for his country, even if he has much knowledge. There was a man, who, when he was student, studied hard but neglected his health. No sooner did he come to serve the

country than he died of poor health. From this we may see that to have a strong body is really very important for a student.

Lastly, to cultivate one's own virtue is most important. Virtue is the essence of a noble and good character. It will greatly help one to be

useful and his country heart and soul. When learned people go astray, they do more harm than good to society. We should draw lessons from this.


My name is John. They’re four people in my family. They’re my father, mother, Jenny and me. Jenny is my sister. She is two years older than me. And I’m ten years old.

We live in a big house. There are three bedrooms. One for my parents, one for Jenny, one for me. There’re a reading room, a living room, a dining room, two bathrooms and a kitchen.

Look, Jenny is doing her homework in the reading room. Mum is cooking dinner in the kitchen. Dad is reading newspaper in the living room. And I’m playing with my lovely dog.

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