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Let’s go!

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

A+be+比较级+than+be A: Let’s learn taller-tall 更高的 stronger-strong 更强壮的 older-old 年纪更大的 younger-young 更年轻的 shorter-short 更矮的
You’re taller than your brother! Yes! I’m 160 cm tall. He’s 159 cm tall.

Let’s talk
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? John: How tall are you? Wu: I’m 164 cm tall. You’re shorter than me. John: Yes. I’m 160 cm. You’re 4 cm taller than me. Wu: I’m 11 years old. John: I’m 12. I’m one year older than you. Wu: I’m 51 kg. John: I’m 50 kg. You’re bigger and stronger than me

Let’s read
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Dad: Which monkey do you like,Ben? Ben: I like the yellow one. Look, it’s taller than the brown one. Dad: Which monkey is stronger? Ben: The brown money is stronger. But the yellow monkey is taller. Dad: I like the little monkey. It’s younger and funnier. Ben: How long is its tail? Dad: I think the little monkey is only 40 cm tall. Its tail is about 30 cm long. Ben: I think the yellow monkey is 150 cm tall. Dad: The yellow monkey is taller but the little monkey is funnier.

? Finish the sentenced.
? ? ? ? (1) The yellow monkey is taller than the brown one. (2) The brown monkey is stronger than the yellow one. (3) The little monkey is only 40cm tall. (4) The yellow monkey is about 150cm tall.

Unit 1
B: Let’s learn heavier-heavy 更重的 thinner-thin 更瘦的 longer-long 更长的 bigger-big 更大的 smaller-small 更小的
His tail is longer. His head is smaller.

Let’s talk
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Mike: How heavy are you? Zhang: I’m 48 kg. Mike: I’m thinner than you,and shorter. Zhang: Yes. I’m bigger and stronger than you. Sarah: How long are your legs? Chen Jie: 76 cm. Sarah: How big are your feet? Chen Jie: I wear size 17. Sarah: I wear size 16.

Let’s read
? ? ? ? ? ? ? Sperm Whale Length: 15 meters Weight: 35 tons Teeth: 50,each up to 20 cm long Tail: 8 meters long Food: squid, lobsters and small sharks Skill: can dive into the deep cold water ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Killer Whale Length: 8 meters Weight: 3,600 kg Teeth: 40,each up to 20 cm long Tail: 6 meters long Food: fish, birds, seals and even whales Skill: good swimmer; can jump out of water

? Fill in the blanks.
? (1) A sperm whale is longer than a killer whale in its length. ? (3) A sperm whale has 50 teeth. It has 10 more teeth than a killer whale.

? ?

(2) A killer whale is smaller than a sperm whale in its size. (4) The length of a sperm whale’s tooth is 20 cm.

? ? ? (look on is younger foot swim stronger old active longer are swimming next ) Lucy is as old as Lily, because they are twins. They look the same.But Lily’s hair is longer than Lucy’s. And Lily is stronger than Lucy. They are active and smart. Their home is next to the school. They often go to school on foot . They like swimmin

g very much. They often go to swim on Saturdays.


1、 The monkey is 50 cm tall. (How) How tall is the monkey? 2、 No, my socks are bigger than Mary’s. ( smaller) Are your socks smaller than Mary’s? 3、 Yes, it is bigger. But is isn’t heavy. Is Sarah’s bag bigger than Sue’s bag? 4、 I like the white dog. ( Which) Which dog do you like? 5、 We’re going to plant trees this weekend. What are you going to do this weekend?

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