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Providence Education Consultancy Ltd of China 高一年级英语期末考试试题

时量:120分钟 满分:100 分

一、听力 (共两节,满分15分)

第一节 听力理解 (4段共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)

每段播放两遍。各段后有几个小题,各段播放前每小题有5秒钟的阅题时间。请根据 各段播放内容及其相关小题,在5秒钟内从题中所给的A、B、C项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。


1. What is the second gift for Jimmy?

A. A car. B. A watch. C. A computer.

2. Why does Jimmy feel happy?

A. He lives with his parents.

B. He’s got what he dreamt of.

C. He’s received lots of presents.


3. What’s the matter with Mr. Hudson’s mother?

A. She was ill, but she feels much better. B. She was seriously ill. C. She went to see him. A. A hard worker. B. A person who often gets angry. C. A person who cares nothing. A. His mother is ill. B. Maybe his son has brought him some trouble. 4. What kind of person is Mr. Hudson according to the dialogue? 5. Which may be the reason why Mr. Hudson is so sad?

C. His manager wants to fire him.


6. What are the speakers mainly talking about?

A. Studying abroad.

B. Freedom nowadays.

C. Relationships with parents.

7. What does the man think of his parents?

A. They control him too much.

B. They never express love to him.

C. They are easy to get along with.


8. What do you think the man is?

A. A public speaker. B. A scientist. C. A Stanford student.

9. How long will the meeting last?

A. Two weeks. B. One month. C. Two days.

10. When is the man leaving for America if possible?

A. In January. B. In February. C. In March.

第二节 听取信息 (共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分)

没 有 教 不 好 的 学 生 只 有 不 会 教 的 老 师

中 国 远 见 教 育 咨 询 有 限 公 司

Providence Education Consultancy Ltd of China


二、单项填空 (共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)

阅读下面各题, 从题中所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项, 并将答案填写在答题卡上。

16. According to a recent U.S. survey, children spend 25 hours a week ______ TV.

A. to watch B. to watching C. watching D. watch

17. Didn’t you find that he looked ______ at the news?

A. surprised B. surprising C. surprisingly D. surprisedly

18. —Where is Mother?

—She is in the kitchen. She ______ the housework all morning.

A. is doing B. was doing C. has done D. has been doing

19. Humans are destroying nature day by day, _____of course, will cause punishment sooner or later.

A. who B. which C. it D. that

20. Don’t worry too much about making _____ mistakes. They are _____ natural part of learning.

A. /; a B. the; / C. /; the D. the; the

21. —You ______ to the show with us yesterday. It was wonderful.

—I wish I had had yesterday off. But I was too busy.

A. should go B. should have gone C. are supposed to go D. could go

22. My parents are always making me ______ about myself, even when I was very young.

A. feeling well B. feeling good C. feel well D. feel good

23. Do you know the girl with _____ father I work?

A. who B. whom C. whose D. that

24. —Robert is indeed a wise man.

—Oh, yes. How often I have regretted _____ his advice!

A. to take B. taking C. not to take D. not taking

25. —Did you remember to give Mary the money you owed her?

—Yes, I gave it to her ______ I saw her.

A. if B. the moment C. suddenly D. once

26. There is nothing more important than good health, ______?

A. is it B. is there C. isn’t it D. isn’t there

没 有 教 不 好 的 学 生 只 有 不 会 教 的 老 师

中 国 远 见 教 育 咨 询 有 限 公 司

Providence Education Consultancy Ltd of China

27. Even if the treatment _____, there is still no magic pill for patients in the late stages of AIDS.

A. does B. uses C. works D. acts

28. You will have some spare time ______ you can do something on your own .

A. that B. why C. when D. where

29. I thought we’d be late for the concert, ______ we got there ahead of time.

A. but B. or C. so D. for

30. When asked ______ they needed most, the kids said they wanted to feel important and loved.

A. what B. why C. whom D. which

三、完形填空(共20小题,Part A每小题1分,Part B每空0.5分,满分16分)

Part A: 阅读下面短文, 掌握其大意,然后从31--42小题所给的A、B、C、D四个选中,选出最佳选项, 并将答案


As soon as I learned to say the word “beauty”, I began to look for it. Before I could find it, I asked my mother what a beauty was like. She said that a beauty is When I was in Grade Four, I such a girl. I sat right in front of her and She was a beauty in my eyes until the day she with me. She demanded that I her pencil box which I by chance knocked on to the floor. I each other.

During the years that followed, I came across explanations given to me by different people. Some said a girl with a thin figure is a beauty, or that a girl with a gentle voice is beautiful. said it is a girl with hair that is like a waterfall. I didn’t give these a second thought.

I searched for a beauty had told me before, but it was useless. Then I met an old man. He told me that a beauty is a girl who might not be quite lucky with natural beauty. However, she becomes a beauty experiencing hardship. After a 10-year hunt for a beauty, I found her. She became my born in a poor family and had to take care of herself from young. When we married, I really got the idea about a beauty. She was the one the old man had described to me.

31. A. your classmate B. a girl C. a boy D. your friend

32. A. became B. made C. built D. found

33. A. stared at B. scolded C. beat D. laughed at

34. A. quarreled B. talked C. played D. studied

35. A. use up B. put up C. make up D. pick up

36. A. agreed B. refused C. displayed D. required

37. A. the same B. different C. opposite D. correct

38. A. Everyone B. Nobody C. All D. Others

39. A. my wife B. my classmate C. my child D. my mother

40. A. after B. without C. through D. before

41. A. daughter B. teacher C. classmate D. girlfriend

42. A. foolish B. selfish C. wise D. unloving

Part B:仔细阅读下面短文并按照语境完成填空(每空只能填一个单词,注意语法、


When coming into the house, Mother became very angry because she found their dog was tired and and the money for the dog food was gone. She wondered what her sons did he saw the room was a . They turned to Daniel because they left him in they wanted to punish him.

没 有 教 不 好 的 学 生 只 有 不 会 教 的 老 师

中 国 远 见 教 育 咨 询 有 限 公 司

Providence Education Consultancy Ltd of China

Eric seemed a little frightened at seeing his parents back home. Daniel got angry after he was scolded. And he ran into his bedroom and the door.

Daniel had planned to explain what had happened but his parents wouldn’t listen, so he said he his parents and he didn’t allow his brother, Eric, to explain for him because he thought they didn’t to know the truth. Mother thought they might be too hard on Daniel, but Father said since Daniel had been to them, he felt like they had to punish them.

第二部分 阅读理解 (共两节,满分29分)

第一节 选择题 (共12小题;每小题2分,满分24分)

阅读下面各题, 从题中所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项, 并将答案填写在答题卡上。


Upset Grandma Criticizes Daughter’s Ways as A Mom

Dear Abby,

This is my first letter to you, although I have been reading your column for many years. I need an outside opinion.

I am a grandmother in my 70s and have just returned from visiting my daughter, her husband and their three dearly loved children—all under the age of 5—and I’m upset with some of their parenting ways.

For example, they lock the doors to their children’s bedrooms at night because “ the children might get out of their beds and wander around the house, and we may not hear them.”

If one child should get punishment, all three are punished, and if one child says a naughty word, all three are given hot sauce (辣酱汁) in the mouth.

I know these parents love their children very much, but are these ways of disciplining them wise? Please understand, it is not my aim to interfere (干涉).


Dear Gram,

Children’s bedroom doors shouldn’t be locked. Should a flash fire break out, it would be a nightmare.

Punishing all the children when only one has earned the punishment is a way only to make them grow up to hate each other.

Children who use naughty words should not be punished with hot sauce in the mouth ---- they should be taught the proper and acceptable word to use instead of the naughty word.


51. From the passage we can see that Abby is probably ________.

A. a famous writer B. a columnist

C. a friend of hers D. a government official

52. Gram’s daughter _________.

A. is very strict with her children B. does not love her three children

C. always punishes her children at night D. often gives her children hot sauce

53. Gram writes the letter to _________.

A. speak highly of her daughter’s ways as a mom

B. interfere her daughter’s ways as a mom

C. express her ease about her daughter’s ways as a mom

D. express her worry about her daughter’s ways as a mom

54. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A. Gram cares for her grandchildren very much.

B. Gram is against her daughter’s ways as a mom.

没 有 教 不 好 的 学 生 只 有 不 会 教 的 老 师

中 国 远 见 教 育 咨 询 有 限 公 司

Providence Education Consultancy Ltd of China

C. Abby is for Gram’s daughter’s ways as a mom.

D. Abby agrees with Gram.


Be Healthy!Be Slim! Be Beautiful!

Discover the secret for a Healthy, Slim, Beautiful You!

Discover how to be Healthy, Slim, Beautiful!

I love this healthy diet program because it helps you lose weight, lose inches, feel healthy and look beautiful. This healthy diet is an 8-week program which is unlike other diet regimens(食物疗法). It focuses on proper nutrition(营养)first and weight loss second. Your body must have proper levels of minerals, vitamins, and protein(蛋白质)in order to work well. It provides a simple lifestyle change to give you more energy and improve your health most greatly. It offers control over stomach and hunger with a calorie dense diet allowing 1,700 to 2,000 calories a day. If a person has a weight problem, his body probably is not working at proper levels of basic nutrients. We invite you to follow this program so you can be the slim person who lives inside you. You too, can love dieting, especially if you are losing weight and losing inches! Do you want to feel better?


To get started being slim just Click Here.

55. What is the aim of this diet program?

A. To keep healthy first and to lose weight second.

B. To lose weight as much as possible.

C. To lose weight at the cost of the health.

D. To lose weight first and to keep healthy second.

56. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. This program makes a change in your lifestyle.

B. This program can stop you from feeling hungry.

C. This program allows you 1,700 to 2,000 calories for each meal.

D. The pictures above show what great progress people have made in losing weight.

57. If you“Click Here”, what will you read on the Internet?

A. Some other programs. B. The contents of this program.

C. Some interesting foods. D. Some things you can buy.


A punctual person is in the habit of doing a thing at the proper time and is never late in keeping an appointment.

The unpunctual man, on one hand, never does what he has to do at the right time. He is always in a hurry and in the end loses both time and his good name. A lost thing may be found again, but lost time can never be regained. Time is more valuable than material things. In fact, time is life itself. The unpunctual man is for ever wasting and mismanaging his most valuable asset (财产) as well as others. The unpunctual person is always complaining that he finds no time to answer letters, or return calls or keep appointments promptly. But the man who really has a great deal to do is very careful of his time. He knows that he can not get through his huge amount of work unless he faithfully keeps every piece of work when it has to be attended to.

Failure to be punctual in keeping one’s appointments is the sign of disrespect towards others. If a person is invited to dinner and arrives later than the appointed time, he keeps all the other guests waiting for him. Usually this will be regarded as a great disrespect to the host and all other guests present.

没 有 教 不 好 的 学 生 只 有 不 会 教 的 老 师

中 国 远 见 教 育 咨 询 有 限 公 司

Providence Education Consultancy Ltd of China

Unpunctuality, moreover, is very harmful when it comes to one’s duty, whether public or private. Imagine how it would be if those who are put in charge of important tasks failed to be at their proper place at the appointed time. A man who is known to be habitually unpunctual is never trusted by his friends or fellow men.

58. What does the author think is the main difference between a punctual person and an unpunctual person?

A. A punctual person does everything ahead of time.

B. An unpunctual person never does anything at the right time.

C. A punctual person has a lot of appointments.

D. An unpunctual person has little time to do anything.

59. According to the passage, the main reason that a person is always unpunctual is that _______.

A. he has more work to do than other people

B. he is always in a hurry when he works

C. he doesn’t care much about time

D. he always mismanages and wastes his time

60. If someone isn’t punctual in keeping his appointments, he might ________.

A. lose his life B. mismanage his asset

C. be thought to disrespect others D. do harm to others

61. According to the third paragraph, when you are invited to dinner, you should arrive there ________.

A. after other guests B. before other guests

C. at the appointed time D. after the host getting things ready

62. Which of the following statements best describes the harm of unpunctuality?

A. If you are an unpunctual person, you cannot be in charge of any important task.

B. If your friends know that you are unpunctual, they may not see you again.

C. Unpunctuality may bring about heavy losses for both public and private affairs.

D. Unpunctuality may make you miss a lot of appointments and lose friends.

第二节 简答题 (共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分)

阅读下面短文, 根据第63---67 小题的具体要求, 简要回答问题。

When someone says, “well, I guess I’ll have to face the music,” it does not mean he’s planning to go to the concert. It is something far less pleasant, like being called in by your boss to explain why you did this and did that, and why you didn’t do this or that. Sour music indeed, but it has to be faced. At sometime or another, every one of us has had to face the music, especially as children. We can all remember father’s angry voice, “I want to talk to you.” and only because we did not obey him. What an unpleasant business it was!

The phrase “to face the music” is familiar to every American, young and old. It is at least 100 years old. And where did this expression come from? The first explanation comes from the American novelist, James Fenimore Looper. He said, in 1851, that the expression was first used by actors while waiting in the wings to go on the stage. When they got onto the stage, they often said, “Well, it’s time to face the music.” And that was exactly what they did — facing the orchestra(乐队)which was just below them. And an actor might be frightened or nervous as he moved on to the stage in front of an audience that might be friendly or perhaps play. So the expression “to face the music” comes to mean “having to go through something, no matter how unpleasant the experience might be, because you knew you had no choice.”

Other explanations about the expression go back to the army. When the men faced an inspection by their leader, the soldiers would be worried about how well they looked. Was their equipment(设备)clean, shinny enough to pass the check? Still the men had to go out and face the music of the band as well as the check. What else could they do?

Another army explanation is more closely related to the idea of facing the results and accepting the responsibility(责任)for something that should not have been done. For example,when a soldier leaves the army because he does something terrible, he is dishonored. The band does not play. Only the drums tap a sad, slow beat. The soldier is forced to leave, facing such music as it is and facing the back of his horse.

63. How many explanations does the phrase “to face the music” have? (no more than 3 words)


没 有 教 不 好 的 学 生 只 有 不 会 教 的 老 师

中 国 远 见 教 育 咨 询 有 限 公 司

Providence Education Consultancy Ltd of China

64. When did Americans start to use “to face the music”? (no more than 4 words)


65. What’s the meaning of “to face the music” in the first paragraph? (no more than 8 words)


66. The underlined word “hostile” means _____________. (no more than 2 words)

67. When is a soldier forced to leave the army and the band doesn’t play? (no more than 8 words)


第三部分 书面表达 (共三节,满分25分)

第一节 填空题 (共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)

阅读下面短文, 根据所读内容在文后第68--77格里填上适当的单词或短语。


When we think of chocolate, many of us think of candy bars, sweet, and gooey syrup (黏糖浆). But this is not how chocolate comes to us. Actually, it comes from the cacao tree that is found in the tropical forests of Central and South America, because cacao beans need to grow in a hot and humid climate. The Mayas were well familiar with the tree as a source of food and drink. The Aztecs regularly took the cacao beans and broke them into pieces in hot water, making a drink that was tasty and energy-producing for the body.

When Columbus and Cortez came to America, they sent cacao beans back to Spain by sea. However, the drink was not widely accepted at first because the taste was strange. When Columbus gave the information back to the Spanish Queen and King that one cup of chocolate from the cacao beans could put a man in condition to make a whole day’s march without the need for other food, attitudes quickly changed. The beans were recognized for their strength-giving qualities.

The demand for chocolate produced by the cacao beans rose sharply, so did the cost. Soon all Europeans had fallen in love with chocolate. Because of its supply shortage and high price, only the nobles and wealthiest merchants could afford this confection (甜食). At first, too much chocolate made people sick because more than half of the cacao bean consists of fat, and the process for removing the too much fat content was unknown then. Perhaps that is how we arrived at the expression, “Too much of a good thing can be bad for you.”

第二节 根据句子意思填空 (共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分)

没 有 教 不 好 的 学 生 只 有 不 会 教 的 老 师

中 国 远 见 教 育 咨 询 有 限 公 司

Providence Education Consultancy Ltd of China

78. 这个过去是模特的女孩现在是个著名演员。

The girl who ___ ___ _______ _______ a model is now a famous actress.

79. 尽管你的书法在如此短的时间内很难提高,你还是应该坚持练习。

Though it is difficult to improve your handwriting in such a short time, you should still ________ __________.

80. 天看上去好像要下雨了,别忘了带伞。

It looks _______ ________ it is going to rain. Don’t forget to take your umbrella.

81. 当踏入社会的时候,知道与人相处是重要的。

_____ _ ____ __ ________ to know how to get on with others when you enter into society.

82. 孩子们喜欢读《哈利.波特》,许多成年人也是如此。

Children like reading Harry Potter, and ______ _______ many adults.


阅读下面这封中学生来信( 摘自21st Century School Edition )

Dear Editor,

I am a new student at Guangyi Senior High School. My home is far from Changsha, so I must live at school. This is the first time for me to get away from my parents. I feel very sad. When I left home, I couldn’t help tearing myself away from them. I do not want to be alone at school, and I am a shy girl. I have been crying in bed at night these days. I want to stay at home forever. I miss my parents very much. Could you tell me what to do?



请根据以上内容, 写一封回信.(信的开头已为你写好)

Dear Amy,

Thank you for your letter.


Wish you happy every day.

Faithfully yours

没 有 教 不 好 的 学 生 只 有 不 会 教 的 老 师

中 国 远 见 教 育 咨 询 有 限 公 司

Providence Education Consultancy Ltd of China



Text 1

W: Happy birthday, Jimmy. Are you ready for the next present?

M: You mean there’s more besides the watch?

W: Come with us. It’s in the car. Now, here we are. You’ve been talking about this for months.

M: Oh, it’s a new computer. It’s just what I want. I’m so happy about it. Thank you so much, Mum and Dad.

Text 2

M: I think something is wrong with Mr. Hudson. He’s not as cheerful as usual.

W: I don’t know what it could be.

M: I heard last week that his mother had been ill. I wonder if that’s the trouble.

W: I doubt that. Yesterday he told me his mother felt much better.

M: Maybe he has a problem here at work.

W: I don’t think that he has any problem with his job. It’s well-known that Mr. Hudson is the best worker among us. M: Perhaps there is some trouble in his home.

W: Well. The schoolmaster phoned this morning.

M: That must be the problem. He’s worried about his son.

Text 3

M:Young people are given too much freedom nowadays,and as a result they have lost respect for

their parents in general.

W:I don’t think so. My parents give me advice but never force me to do anything I don’t want to do. I respect and love them

for this.

M:Are you quite independent from them now?

W:Oh, yes. After I left school and started to work as a nurse, I became economically independent.

What about you?

M:Well, we value family life very much in my country. I also love my family. But I don’t aways get along well with my

parents. They seldom allow me to do what I want to.

W:But they allowed you to come to study in England on your own.

M:Yes, but only after a lot of persuasion.

Text 4

W: Now,there are several questions I must ask you if you don’t mind.

M: Not at all.Go ahead.

W: What is the purpose of your visit to America?

M: I’m going to attend a meeting on air pollution.

W: When and where is this meeting being held?

M: It’s being held in the first two weeks of February at the University of Stanford in

California.Here is the letter of invitation.

W: I see,fine.When do you want to go there?

M: I’d like to leave in January if my passport is ready by then.

W: That shouldn’t be difficult.Why don’t you phone me around January 10th? I should be able to

give you an answer then.

M: Sure. Thank you.

没 有 教 不 好 的 学 生 只 有 不 会 教 的 老 师

中 国 远 见 教 育 咨 询 有 限 公 司

Providence Education Consultancy Ltd of China


European universities and universities in America are different in many ways.

First, European students have fewer courses each term than American students do. Second, European students seldom live on a university campus. Instead, they live at home and travel to classes. Third, most European courses are given by professors. While professors in America spend less time lecturing; instead, they often ask their students questions and divide their students into discussion groups. What’s more, at most American universities, social activities take up a large part of the students’ time; but in Europe, unlike in USA, a university is mainly a place to study. Above all, European students’ final examinations are usually oral, but American students take more written final examinations.

1—5 C B A A B 6—10 C A B A B

11. have fewer courses

12. seldom live

13. study

14. final examinations

15. take more written

16—20 C A D B A 21—25 B D C D B 26—30 B C C A A

31—35 B D A A D 36—40 B B D D A 41—42 D C

43. hungry 44. with 45. mess 46. charge

47. slammed / closed / shut 48. hated 49. deserve 50. rude

51—55 B A D C A 56—60 C B B D C 61—62 C C

63. Three.

64. 100 years ago.

65. To face something far less pleasant.

66. Unfriendly.

67. The soldier who did something wrong / terrible.

68. Spain 69. Europe 70. chocolate 71. the growth

72. sent 73. wealthiest merchants 74. its supply shortage

75. Making a delicious 76. without the need 77. Making

78. used to be 79. keep practising 80. as if / as though

81. It is important 82. so do

Dear Amy:

Thank you for your letter. People often miss their parents after their first leaving home. But they have to leave home for higher education or employment. You cannot live with your parents forever. I think that present separation will help you to improve your personal ability.

I suggest you make friends on your school campus, sharing ideas with your classmates who are physically closest to you now. Maybe you will still miss your parents, but your new friends will bring you happiness and joy. Also you can enjoy yourself by taking an active part in different kinds of activities in school. You will surely get much pleasure from it. Wish you happy every day.

没 有 教 不 好 的 学 生 只 有 不 会 教 的 老 师

中 国 远 见 教 育 咨 询 有 限 公 司

Providence Education Consultancy Ltd of China

Faithfully yours


16. spend time ( in ) doing sth.

17. look surprised

18. 注意时间状语all morning,表明动作一直在进行

19. 非限制性定语从句,which代替前面句子的整个内容

20. 第一空泛指,第二空习惯用法

21. 虚拟语气表委婉指责

22. make sb. do sth.

23. 带介词的定语从句。whose代替the girl’s

24. regret not doing sth.后悔没有做某事

25. the moment作连词用,相当于as soon as

26. 当陈述部分是以there开头时,疑问部分主语也用there

27. work 行得通,生效,起作用

28. 关系副词when引导的定语从句

29. 我原以为会迟到,结果我们却提前赶到。

30. what引导名词性从句(宾语从句)

31. beauty表示“美, 漂亮; 美人, 美的东西”。根据后文who has large bright eyes and fine skin可知B为最佳选项。

32. 作者从一学会说“beauty”这一词就开始寻找“她”,现在总算“找到”了这么一位姑娘。

33. stare at 盯着看

34. quarreled意为“争吵、吵架”

35. 36. 因为我不小心(by chance偶然地, 意外地)把她的铅笔盒碰到了地上,她要求我“捡起来”,而我拒绝了她。

37. 作者从不同的人口中得到对“beauty”一词的不同解释。

38. some…others… 表示“一些人??,其他人??”

39. 结合前文可知。

40. 41 有的女孩可能生来与“美”无缘,但经过艰苦的磨练后却能成为人见人爱的姑娘,作者就遇到了这么一位。

42. wise表示“充满智慧的”

A篇 这是一位读者和专栏作家之间的通信。

51. 从第一句话可知Gram读报纸的专栏已经很多年了。Abby应该是专栏作家。

52. 从Gram的信件可知她女儿对待子女非常严厉。

53. Gram写信的目的是为了表达对女儿教育方式的忧患。

54. Abby是比较赞同Gram的意见,反对她女儿的一些做法。


55. 从第六行It focuses on proper nutrition(营养)first and weight loss second.可知。

56. 句子It offers control over stomach and continuing hunger with a calorie dense diet allowing 1,700 to 2,000 calories a

day. 给我们提供了答案。

57. 从图片下面的句子To get started being slim just Click Here.可知, 点击网站应该是了解本项计划的相关内容而不是



58. 推断题。根据文章第 1 段及第 2 段第 1 句可推知此题答案为 B。

59. 推断题。根据文章第2段第5句 The unpunctual man is for ever wasting and mismanaging his most valuable asset (财

产) as well as other’s 可推知此题答案为 D。

没 有 教 不 好 的 学 生 只 有 不 会 教 的 老 师

中 国 远 见 教 育 咨 询 有 限 公 司

Providence Education Consultancy Ltd of China

60. 细节题。根据文章第3段第一句话Failure to be punctual in keeping one’s appointments is the sign of disrespect

towards others.可知:不守时就是对别人的不尊重。

61. 推断题。根据文章第 3 段第 1 句 Failure to be punctual in keeping one’s appointments is sign of disrespect towards

others 及后面的内容可推知此题答案为 C。

62. 推断题。根据文章最后一段可推知此题答案为 C。


63. 根据文章第三、四、五段的解释,可推知答案。

64. 根据第二段It is at least 100 years old可知。

65. 根据文章第2段第2句It is something far less pleasant可知答案。

66. …friendly or perhaps hostile, especially if he forgot his lines说明hostile与friendly意义相反,从而可推知答案。

67. 根据最后一段可知。

没 有 教 不 好 的 学 生 只 有 不 会 教 的 老 师

中 国 远 见 教 育 咨 询 有 限 公 司

Providence Education Consultancy Ltd of China

没 有 教 不 好 的 学 生 只 有 不 会 教 的 老 师

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