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姓名 分数

二、写出下列单词的反义词。 old tall thin quiet big


1. ____________ your new English teacher? Miss Ye.

2. ____________ he like? He’s young and strong.

3. Is your Chinese teacher strict? Yes, ____________.

4. Who’s that young man? ____________ is your P.E. Teacher.


like science short thin

1.Who’s your ________ teacher?

2.Miss Zhao is tall and________.

3.What’s your math teacher________?

4.Mr. Rice is ________.but he is smart.

五、填入所缺字母,完成单词并写出中文。(10分) 1. sm__ rt ( ) 2. str_ _ct ( ) 3. act _ ve ( ) 4. st__ dent ( ) 5. pr_ _ncipal( )

tea C. bread

( )2. A. black B. lake C. apple

( )3. A. strong B. short C. seat

( )4. A. blue B. brown C. Blow

七、 把问题和答语对应起来。(10分)

1.( ) Who’s that man? A.He’s from China.

2.( ) What’s he like? B.He’s my teacher.

3.( ) Where’s he from? C.No, she is old.

4.( ) Is Miss Wang young? D.He’s short and thin.

5.( ) Is Mr Wang young? E.No, he is old.


( )1.This is ___ university student. A.an B.a C.不填

(teacher, student, like, English, tall, Miss, Mr., but, America, very, thin, he, she, much, kind)

Look, this is our teacher, Guo. She comes from . She is and . She’s . She is a university student, but she is a nice . She is funny. We all like her.

十、连词成句并写出中文。(9分) 1. that is young who man (?) _______________________

2. is Our principal kind very(.)________________________ 3. classes what like you do (?) _______________________ _

favourite day. I like English. Look,that is my math teacher. He’s very kind. His name is Li Hai. I like beef very much, but I don’t like apples. I like bananas, too.

1.( )John has P.E and computer on Tuesday.

2.( ) John’s favourite day is Monday.

3.( )Mr Li is John’s English teacher.

4.( ) John likes apple very much.

5.( ). John’s math teacher is short and kind.


I’m Sarah. I have three teachers, a science teacher, an art teacher and an English teacher. My science teacher is Mr Liu. He’s tall and thin. My art teacher is Miss Zhao. She’s pretty and young. My English teacher is Miss Sun. she’s an old woman. She’s kind. ( )1. I have two new teachers.

( )2. My art teacher is an old woman.

( )3. My English teacher is Miss Sun.

( )4. My science( )5. Miss Sun is strict.

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