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c. 2.A. B. C.

3.A B


4.A B C

5A B C

二、听一听,选出你所听到的单词,将编号写在括号里。(念两遍)10分 ( )1. A. stamp B.street C . soft

( )2. A . cinema B.clinic C. cion

( )3. A . how many B.how much C.how

( )4.A. small toys B. soft toy C. small stamp

( )5. A.12 stamps B.20 stamps C. 47 stamps

三、根据录音内容选择你所听到的句子。(念两遍) 10分

( )1.A.I have 100 stamps. B.I have no money .C.I have some badges. ( )2.A. I like key rings. B. I like stamps . C.I like badges.

( )3.A.Do you have a soft toy? B.Do you have a badge? C.Do you have two soft toys?

( )4.A.May I have 35 stamps? B.May I have 45 stamps ? C.May I have 45coins?

( )5.A.What do you have ? B.What do you like? C. What do you want?

四、听录音,判断句子对错 。(念两遍)8分

( )1.A.How many stamps do you have? I have 100 stamps.

( )2.A.What do you have ? I have eleven badges.

( )3.A.Where is the post office? It is at 88 Yunnan Street.

( )4.A.Is there a stamp? Yes ,there is .




( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )



六、听录音,填单词,把句子补充完整。(每空一词)(念两遍)15分 (stamps supermarket coins have block where )

? I have fifteen key rings.

2.How many 4.Where is the ? It is in Market Street.

5.There are forty flats in .


一、把下列单词变成复数 10分

1.badge 2.coin 3.key ring 4.blok

5. restaurant


1. many how badges do you

2. you have what do

3. have eight-four badges I

三、阅读理解Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?(根据短文内容判断对错)10分 My name is Mary . I am eleven . Ted is my brother .We are in the same school. My mother is a teacher. She is a teacher in our school. My father is a teacher ,too. He is a Chinese in a college . I have a cat . It’s name is Miaomiao. It is white .It is a nice cat. We are good friends .

1. I am twelve. ( )

2. Ted is Mary’s brother . ( )

3. Ted and I are in the same class. ( )

4. My parents are teachers.( )

5. I have a cat. ( )


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