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Let’s go on a field trip. There’s so much to do. We can collect leaves, and take pictures, too. We can watch the ants and see what they eat. Let’s go on a field trip. It’s quite a treat.

Let’s play a game.

A: Look! What is Chen Jie doing? B: She is watching insects.

A: What is Zhang Peng doing? B: He is taking pictures.

A: Chen Jie is busy now. Is she watching insects?
B: No, she isn’t. She is catching butterflies.

A: Is she taking pictures? B: No, she isn’t. She is picking up leaves.

A: Sarah is a smart girl. What is she doing? B: She is doing an experiment.

have a picnic

A: What are they doing?
having a picnic. B: They’re

a leaf


A: What is she doing?
B: She’s collecting

collect collecting

What is he doing ?
He’s collecting books .

He’s collecting butterflies .

Let’s count.



What is he doing ?

He is counting insects.

What is Sarah doing? She’s writing a report .



What are they doing?

They’re playing chess.


Chinese chess

collecting leaves

counting insects

having a picnic

playing chess

writing a report

Let’s chant

Having, having, having a picnic. Counting, counting, counting insects.

Writing, writing, writing a report.
Collecting, collecting, collecting leaves.

Playing, playing, playing chess.

Magic eyes (魔力眼)
Read as quickly as you can.

It’s Sunday. It’s sunny and warm. We are in a park. Look, Wu Yifan/Sarah/… is/are…

Sarah’s Report
Today is Sunday. It’s sunny and warm. We go to a park. We have a lot of fun. counting insects Look, Mike is _________________. collecting leaves Wu Yifan is _______________________. playing chess John and Zhang Peng are ______________________. Chen Jie and Amy are ______________________. having a picnic What am I doing? Ha ha…I’m _________________________. writing a report

What a happy day today!


1、I am ______ chess. play


2、He having a picnic now. is having _______ 3、She are collecting leaves. is _____ 4、Listen, she is sing. ______ singing

_________ 5、Look, they do eatting the honey? eating

Homework :
1.Read and write the new phrases 2.Apply the new phrases in your daily talk

Thank you!

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