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一、 单项选择(20%)

1、( )---How many____are there in the box?---There is one.

A.mangos B.apple C.potatoes

2、( )---How old are you?---____. This is my____birthday party.

A.Eight,eighth B. Eighth,eighth C. Eighth,eight

3、( )My father likes____pictures very much

A.to drawing B.draw C.drawing

4、( )Tom always____to school early.

A.go B.goes C.going

5、( )My brother___a comic book yesterday.

A.read B.reads C.readed

6、( )Look,John is___to music on the playground.

A.listens B.listened C.listening

7、( )They often watch TV ___ 7:00___the evening.

A.on,at B.at,in C.at,on

8、( )---What did Mike do yesterday?---He___a football game.

A.watched B.saw C.looked

9、( )Tom can play___very well. Mary can play___.

A.football,piano B.the football,piano C.football,the piano

10、( )John is___than me.

A.heavier B.more heavy C.heavyer


1、I usually watch TV in Saturday.______

2、There isn’t any flowers in the garden.______

3、Tom is an university student.______ 4、Whose is your English teacher?______

5、I often cooking meals at home.____

6、My father work in a shoe factory._____

7、Where is your trousers? Here.____

8、I like apples, but I not like pears._____

9、Let’s making a birthday card for grandma.______

10、I would like ___ buy some pens for you.___





1、The monkey is _____瘦than the elephant.

2、Let ______我们go hiking together.

3、My ____中文teacher is kind and active.

4、They like ____玩 football together.

5、September is the_____第九 month of a year.

6、The twin besrs are ______荡秋千 now.

7、We often climb _______山 on the weekend.

8、When is National Day ? It’s in_____十月.

9、We ______去 to Beijing last year.

10、 What’s weather like in spring ? It’s ______温暖的.




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