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吃早饭 go hiking 爬山 弹钢琴

leaf(复数) fly kites 堆雪人 种树 看望(外)祖父母 上英语课


( )1、A、what B、where C、which D、great

( )2、A、on B、usually C、often D、always

( )3、A、breakfast B、lunch C、exercise D、dinner

( )4、A、swimming B、sing C、shopping D、hiking

( )5、A、spring B、season C、summer D、fall


What why which who where when do at in eat

1、________ season do you like best?

2、________is your favorite season?

3、________is your art teacher?

4、________ are you from?

I’m from china.

5、________do you like winter?

Because I can skate.

6、I ______ dinner at home.

7、_______ do you usually get up?

8、What do you______ on the weekend?

9、I usually get up_______ 6:30.

10、I can’t play football _____ the rian.


( ) 1. We go ____ north and play in the snow.

A. up B. on C. down

( ) 2. I can play ____ snow in winter.

A. in B. with C. /

( ) 3. I don’t like winter.

It’s ____ cold _______ me.

A. to?to B. for?to C. too?for

( ) 4. You like summer. I like summer,________.

A .too B. either C. to

( ) 5.Fall is good, _________ winter is my favourite.

A. so B. and C. but

( ) 6. What is the weather _______ in fall?

A. like B. / C. likes

( ) 7. In fall, I can play_______ football in_____ park.

A. the?the B./?/ C./?the

( ) 8. _____________ is my favourite season.

A. Swim B. Swimming C. Summer

( ) 9、There are_______ season in a year.

A、four B、 seven C.twelve

( )10.请翻译句子:“Spring is coming. Can winter be far behind? ”

A.春天来了,冬天还会远吗? B. 春天来了,冬天也来了吗?



1. do, do, what , weekend, on , you, the, ( ? )

__________________________ __

2. often , football , I , play .


3. winter, why , best , like , you , do ( ? )


4. like , season, which , do , best, you ( ? )

5. us, go, let, together, shopping .


( )1.When do you play sports? A. I’m a doctor.

( )2.What do you do? B. At 7:00,too.

( )3.Thank you for telling me. C. I eat breakfast at 6:30.

( )4.When do you eat breakfast? D. You ’re welcome.

( )5.I usually get up at 7:00. And you? E. I usually play sports

at 3:30.

八、根据汉语提示补全句子(10分). 1.Sometimes I (购物). 2.When do you (起床)?

3.(夏天) my favourite season . 4.Today is (星期天). 5.In spring , I can (种树).


My name is Chen Jie. I’m from China. I’m a Chinese girl. I live in a big city. We have spring, summer, fall and winter here. I like spring best. It’s windy and warm. We can fly kites in spring. It’s the best time to plant trees, too. I don’t like summer. It’s too hot. In winter it never snows in our city. So it’s not very cold.

( ) 1. There are four seasons in a year.

( ) 2. Summer is Chen Jie’s favourite season.

( ) 3. We can plant trees in winter.

( ) 4. Chen Jie goes to swim in summer because it’s hot.

( ) 5. It doesn’t snow in Chen Jie’s city.

十、小短文。( 5分 )

(写出你一天的活动及时间安排题目为:“This is my day ”)

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