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姓名 ________班级________等级________

Listening part 听力部分

一、Listen and number. 听录音,用数字标出图片的序号。10分

二、 Listen and match. 听录音,把人名和相应的句子连线。10分

1. Miss White A. We have math English and music on Tuesday.

2. Sarah B. I like chicken. It's tasty.

3. Amy C. I like tofu.

4. Bai Ling D. She is tall. She's very young.

5. Chen Jie E. I often watch TV on Saturday.

三、. Listen and circle. 听录音,圈选出正确图形的字母标号A或B。10分

四、 Listen and choose. 听录音,根据录音从ABCD中选出正确的单词。10分

( ) 1. A. strict B. strong C. old D. young

( ) 2. A. math B. science C. art D. English

( ) 3. A. Sunday B. Tuesday C. Wednesday D. Friday

( ) 4. A. mutton B. potatoes C. cabbage D. onions

( ) 5. A. salty B. sour C. fresh D. tasty

Reading and Writing (读写部分)

五、 Look and write. 根据汉字写出相应的英语单词。10分


2.----What do have on Wednesday?



4.(牛肉) is my favourite food .


六、 Look and choose. 单项选择。20分

( ) 1. I don't like grapes. They are ____.

A .sweet B. sour C. healthy

( ) 2. ---What would you like for lunch? ---- I'd like some ______.

A. green beans B. green bean C. bean

( ) 3. What ______you?

A. are B. about C. do

( ) 4. What do you ______ on Saturdays?

A. is B. does C. do

( ) 5. --- What do we have on Mondays? --- We have _______.

A. Friday B. science C. fruit

( ) 6. Do you have a new teacher?

A. Yes, I am. B. No, I don't. C. No, I do.

( ) 7. --- _______your math teacher?

--- Mr Zhao.

A. What's B. Who's C. Where's

( ) 8. --- What's he like? --- He's _______.

A. funny B. fun C. principal

( ) 9. --- Is she quiet? --- _______

A. Yes, she isn't. B. No, she is. C. No, she isn't.

( ) 10. What ______is it today?

A. day B. today C. date


beef is the too salty .


my it is favourite .


like what she i s ?


your is that father ?


八.. 读短文回答问题,把正确答案的序号填在前面的括号内。10分

Hi! I'm David. I'm from Willow school. Today is Tuesday. We have math, Chinese and computer. I like computer. My computer teacher is very funny. He is very strong. I like him.

We have eggplant and fish for lunch on Wednesdays. I don't like eggplant. Potatoes are my favourite.

Saturdays are my favourite days. I often play football on Saturdays. Of course, I do my homework too on Saturdays. What about you?

( ) 1. What day is it today?

A. Tuesday B. Wednesday C. Friday D. Saturday

( ) 2. What do they have for lunch on Wednesdays?

A. Pork and rice B. Tofu and green beans

C. Eggplant and fish D. Mutton and tomatoes

( ) 3. What is David's computer teacher like?

A. He is tall and thin. B. He's very funny. He is strong.

C. He is so heavy. D. He is active.

( ) 4. Does David like his computer teacher?

A. Yes, he does B. No, he doesn't.

( ) 5. What does David do on Saturdays?

A. He often plays computer games.

B. He often plays football and does homework.

C. He often watches TV and play ping-pong.

D. He often sings songs.

九、写一段话,介绍一下你自己。可以包括姓名、性别、年龄,学校、班级、喜欢的运动、课程、颜色、食物、水果等待各方面,不少于6句话。10分 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


一. Listen and number. 听录音,用数字标出图片的序号。10分

1. Wednesday 2. do home work 3. Watch TV 4. read books 5. The fish is fresh.

6. play ping-pong 7. salty 8. sweet 9. I like ice-cream. 10. Banana is sweet.

二 Listen and match. 听录音,把人名和相应的句子连线。10分

1. Miss white D. She is tall. She's young.

2. Sarah E. I often watch TV on Saturday.

3. Amy C. I like tofu.

4. Bai Ling A. We have math, English and music on Tuesday.

5. Chen Jie B. I like chicken. It's tasty.

三. Listen and circle. 听录音,圈选出正确图形的字母标号。10分

1. I have cabbage, mutton and carrot. They are tasty.

2. Can I have some tofu and eggplant, please? I am hungry.

3. Eggplant is tasty. It's my favourite.

4. Today is my favourite day. We have P.E. and art.

5. I often play football on Saturday.

四Listen and choose. 听录音,根据录音从ABCD中选出正确的单词。10分

1. strong 2. math 3. Wednesday 4. mutton 5. tasty

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