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冀教小学英语第七册第一单元单词小结U1 Vocabulary

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Unit 1


In the bathroom.

wash----dry dirty----clean

In the kitchen.

dirty sink

stove cook refrigerator


I know!
1. This is my house. =This house is mine. (my house=mine) That is your apartment. =That apartment is yours. (your apartment = yours)

I know!
1. room bathroom, bathtub, shower, sink, toilet living room kitchen, refrigerator,sink,stove 2. clean, dirty

3. cook (eggs, meat, fish…) cook, cooking, cooks, cooked make( breakfast, lunch, supper) make, making, makes, made wash (your hands, the dishes) wash, washing, washes, washed dry (your hands, the dishes) dry, drying, dries, dried

This is my h______. I want to
show you the r_____ in my

house. This house has two
b________, a b_______, a

k_______ and
a l____________.

Read and Fill in.
Mrs. Smith is going to the kitchen to m______ supper. Her hands are d_______. She is w_________ her hands. She is c__________ eggs on the _____. They are eating supper now. The d_______ are

d_______. Mr. Smith is w_______
d________. Li Ming is d_______ dishes. The

dishes are c______ now.

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