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译林4A Unit1-2 单元测试卷

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4A Unit1-2 单元测试卷

班级____________ 姓名____________ 学号__________ 成绩__________ 听力(30分)


( )1.A. Mike B. like C. milk ( )2.A.don’t B.duck C.dog

( )3.A.cat B.cap C.cake

( )4.A.pencil B.parrot C.panda

( )5.A.lion B.nice C.name

( )6.A.my B.your C.our

( )7.A.cat B.fat C.cap

( )8.A.five B.have C.twelve

( )9.A.under B.tiger C.mango

( )10.A.some B.time C.farm


( )1.A. It’s a pear. B. They’re pears. C. Yes, they are. ( )2.A. Yes, I am. B. Thank you. C. No, I don’t. ( )3.A. Thank you. B. Yes, I am. C. I have some apples. ( )4.A. It’s our fruit salad. B. Thank you. C. How nice! ( )5.A. It’s a pineapple. B. Thanks. C. Here you are.


A: __________ at the __________.

B: __________ __________ is it?

A: It’s __________ and __________.

B: __________ you __________ it?

A: Yes, I do. It’s __________ and __________.



一、选择a、 an、 some 、any填空。(5分)

1. ______ apple

2. ______ pear

3. ______ little elephant

4.Do you have ______ bananas?

5.l have ______ pens.


( )1.A.tiger B.horse C.egg D.cat

( )2.A.apple. B.bird C.orange D.pear

( )3.A.door B.window C.bed D.rubber

( )4.A.cat B.pen C.ruler D.rubber

( )5.A.father B.mother C.sister D.girl


1.看 2. these toy animals

3.喜欢小狗 4. boys and girls

5.一些香蕉 6. cute and fat

7. 这只小猫 8. on the log

9.那只猴子 10. in the tree


( )1. ______ this cat.

A. see B. Look at C. Look

( )2. Look at these toy animals, ______

A. boy and girls B. boys and girls C. boys and girl

( )3. Do you ______?

A. like cat B. like monkey C. like lions

( )4.——Do you like pandas?——______

A. Yes, I don’t B. Yes, I do C. No, I do 2

( )5. ——Would you like a pie? ——______

A. Yes, please. B. No, please. C. Yes,a pie

( )6. I ______ a cake here.

A. has B. have C. no

( )7. Would you like ______ egg?

A. a B. \ C. an

( )8. ——Look at my T-shirt. ——______

A. Yes, it is . B. They are nice C. It’s nice

( )9. ——What______ is my skirt? —— It’s yellow.

A. nice B. colour C. cute

( )10.—— This is for you.——______

A. How nice. B .Happy new year. C. Thank you


1.Look at this (cat / cats). It's lovely.

2. you like dogs? No, I .(do / don't)

3.Look at (that / those) pictures. 4. Do you like ? (panda / pandas)


( )1. Do you like cakes? A.It’s time for bed ( )2.What would you like? B.Thanks.

( )3.Would you like a pie? C.I’d like a toy panda. ( )4.Look at my dog. D.No, I don’t

( )5.Is this a monkey? E.It’s a toy monkey. ( )6.What do you like? F.Yes,it is.

( )7.It’s nine o’clock. G.Yes, please.

( )8.How many pencils do you have? H. It’s cute.

( )9.Here you are. I.Four.

( )10.What is that? J. I like monkeys 3

七、 连词成句,注意句子字母大小写和标点(10分)

1. at, these, toy, tigers, look (.) 2. you, like, do, lions (?)

3. 4. don't, those, I, like, elephants(.) 5. have, I , cakes, here, some (.)


Mike: Good morning, Su Hai and Helen. I want to make a fruit salad. Can you help me?

Su Hai and Helen: OK. Let’s make it.

Mike: Look, this is a fruit salad in the picture. It’s beautiful. Let’s make it. Do you have any apples, Helen?

Helen: No, I don’t.

Mike: Do you have any mangoes, Su Hai?

Su Hai: No, I don’t.

Mike: What do you have?

Helen: I have some bananas.

Su Hai: I have some grapes and pineapples.

Mike: But I want some apples and mangoes.

Su Hai and Helen: Let’s ask Liu Tao. He maybe(可能) has.

1.It’s in the ___________(时间).

2. Mike,Su Hai and Helen want to ______ ______ ______ ______.

3. Helen has some __________.

4.Su Hai has some___________ and _________. 5.Mike want some ________ and _________.


4A Unit1-2 单元测试卷


1.like 2.dog 3.cat 4.parrot 5.lion

6.your 7.fat 8.have 9.under 10.some


1. What are these?

2. Do you like tigers?

3. Here you are.

4. Look at our fruit salad.

5. Would you like a pineapple?


A: Look at the cat.

B: What colour is it?

A: It’s black and white.

B: Do you like it?

A: Yes, I do. It’s cute and fat.


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