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Unit 1 school subjects (学校的课程)

Listen and look (看图听音)

1. What’s that?(那是什么?) It’s my science book .(那是我的科学书)

2. Do you like science?(你喜欢科学吗) yes, I do .(是的,我喜欢。)

3. Do you like science,Tony?(汤尼,你喜欢科学吗?)No I don’t . I like art .(不,我不喜欢,我喜欢美术。)

4. I like science, math,english,and P.E .(我喜欢科学,数学,英语和体育)

5. What do you like,Gogo?( 果果,你喜欢什么?) I like art,too .(我也喜欢美术。)

6. Let's go now!(放手吧) Oh,Gogo !

Target Listen and say.

Do you like math?(你喜欢数学吗?) Yes I do(是的,我喜欢。)

Do you like science? No I don’t . (你喜欢科学吗?不,我不喜欢。)

What subjects do you like, Gogo? (果果,你喜欢什么科目?)

I like art and music. (我喜欢美术和音乐。)

Unit 2 School Activities (学校活动)

Listen and look (看图听音)

1. Hello ! What are you doing?(你好!你在做什么?)

I’m reading english. H’s fishing(我在看书,他在钓鱼。)

2. Hello ! What ’s she doing?(你好,她在做什么?) Shh. She’s studying.(嘘,她在学习。)

3. What are they doing?(他们在做什么?) 4. Thet’re painting.(他们在绘画)

5. Wow 6. What are you doing?(你在做什么?) I’m swimming.(我在游泳。) Target Listen and say.

What are you doing?(你在做什么?) I’m writing.(我在写字。)

What are they doing?(他们在做什么?) They ’re playing.(他们在玩。)

Unit 3 My week

Listen and look (看图听音)

1. What’s that?那是什么?It’s a ping-pang ball.它是一个兵乓球。

2. It’s Sunday.今天是星期日 I play ping-pang on Sunday.星期日我打乒乓球。

3. What day is it tody?今天星期几?It’s Tuesday(今天是星期二)

4. What do you do on Tuesday?( 你在星期二做什么?) I play basketball on Tuesday.我在星期二打篮球。

5. What day is it tody?今天星期几?It’s Saturday(星期六) ,

It is Mom’s birtaday today.(今天是妈妈的生日。)

6. Happy birthday,Mom! (妈妈,生日快乐!)Today is not my birthday.(今天不是我的生日) My birthday is on Monday.(我的生日是星期一)

Target Listen and say.

What day is it tody?今天星期几?It’s Monday (今天是星期一)

What do you do on Monday?( 你星期一做什么?) I play the violin on Monday.(我在星期一拉小提琴)

Unit 4 In tony’s roon…

We’re going to the lake tomorrow. Ok(我们明天要去湖边。好啊!)

Wake up, Tony! It’ time to go to the lake. (醒来,托尼!去湖边的时间到啦。) Ah! What time is it? It’s 3:15(啊!几点啦?3:15啦!)

3:15! Go to sleep, Gogo! 3:15!(Gogo去睡觉!)

Wake up, tony! It’ 4:30! (醒来,托尼!4:30啦!)

4:30! Go to sleep, Gogo!( 4:30!Gogo 睡吧)

Wake up, Tony! It’ 5:45.( 醒来,托尼!4:30啦)

5:45! Go to sleep, Gogo!(5:45!Gogo 睡觉)

Wake up,Gogo! It’s 6:30!(醒来,Gogo!6:30啦!)

It’ time to go to the lake.(到去湖的时间啦。)

Target lisen and say

What time is it?( 几点了?)

It’s 7:10! It’s time to get up.(7:30啦!起床了。)

What time do you go to school?(你什么时候去上学?)

I go to school at 7:30.(我七点半上学。)

Unit 5 My body(我的身体)

Tony and Gogo are making a toy(托尼和Gogo做玩具)

This is his body. (这是他的身体。)

These are his arms.(这些是他的手臂)

This is his head.(这是他的头。)

This is his mouth. (这是他的嘴)

These are his legs.(这是他的腿)

What’s he doing? He’s dancing.(他正在做什么?他在跳舞)

Aha! He’s pinocchio! 哈哈!他是小木偶

Target lisen and say

Touch your nose!(摸摸你的鼻子)

Open your mouth!(张开你的嘴)

Close your eyes!(闭上你的眼睛)

Unit 6 Toys(玩具)

At the toy shop…

Do you want a toy? 你想要一个玩具吗? Yes,please.I like toys.是的,请。我喜欢玩具。 Does he want a toy car他想要一个玩具车吗?No,he doesn’t.不,他不想要。

Does she want pinocchio? 她想要皮诺奇?He has a long nose.他的鼻子很长No,she doesn’t(不,她不想要)

Do you want a computer game? 你想要一个电脑游戏?No,we don’t(不,我们不想要。)

What do they want? 他们想要什么?They want him! I’m not a toy! 他们要他!我不是一个玩具!

Target lisen and say

What do they want? 他们想要什么?They want a computer game. 他们想要一个电脑游戏。

Does she want a guitar? 她想要一把吉他吗?No,she doesn’t.(不,她不想要。) Do you want a guitar? 你想要一把吉他吗?Yes,please(是的,请。)

Unit 7 Working or playing?工作或玩?

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Tony! Jenny! What are you doing? 托尼!珍妮!你干什么呢?

We’re playing. What's Dad doing? 我们在玩。爸爸在干什么?

Shh! He’s working. Thump! Thump! Thump! Is it Gogo? 嘘!他在工作。重击!重击!重击!他是Gogo

Are you dancing? No,I’m not dancing. I’m exercising你跳舞吗?不,我不跳舞。我在运动 Target lisen and say

Are you sleeping? No,I’m not.I’m thinking你睡着了吗?不,我不是。我在思考。

Is he playing soccer? No,he isn’t He’s playing basketball. 他踢足球吗?不,他不是,他正在打篮球。

Unit 8 Helping at home 在家中帮忙

It’s Saturday,jenny! Let’s play! 今天是星期六,珍妮!让我们玩!

I’m sorry,Gogo.I can’t play today. I’m busy. (Gogo对不起,我今天不能玩。我很忙。) What are you doing? I’m washing the car. 你干什么呢?我在洗车。

I’m sorry,Gogo.Tony can’t play today. He’s busy. 对不起,Gogo汤尼今天不能玩。他很忙

Is he cooking breakfast? No,he isn’t he’s washing the dishes. 他做早餐?不,他不是,他洗盘子。

What are you doing,Gogo? I’m waiting.( Gogo你正在做什么,我在等人。)

Is she washing the dishes? 她正在洗盘子吗? No,she isn’t . 不,她不是She’s washing the clothes.,她正在洗衣服。

Are they cleaning the windows? 他们正在擦窗户吗? Yes,they are.是的.

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