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Seeing a Doctor.

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Can you talk?---Yes, of course .

Module 2 Seeing A Doctor.
1.我能进一步巩固Unit 4和Unit 5的 词汇。 2.我能运用本课的重要句型。 3.通过学习,我了解平时需要注意 合理的饮食和作息安排,力争拥 有一个的身体。

Check the vocabulary. 检查词汇。


Listen, listen.---Let’s have fun .




Word show, word show. ---Let’s go go go !

两人交换订正《自主预习》的(一)词汇练习, 并助学疑难短语。

3 5 7 9


wake up

4 6

have 吃早餐 breakfast
感冒 have a cold

穿衣服 get dressed 糖果 洗澡 早睡 sweet

觉得冷 feel cold

have a bath / 8 bath go to bed early


check up

10 很快地 quickly 12 疼痛 pain

11 苍白的 pale

学法指导1: 快速复习梳理归纳句型

Show time! 口语秀.小组展示学习情况。(温 馨提示:结合学过的知识,表演加上动作会 更好哦!)

Past sentence?---Yes , I can .

What’s the matter ?

She feels_______. hot

What’s the matter ?

cold He feels _______ .

What’s the matter ?

He _____________ . has a fever

What’s the matter ?

He ________________. has a stomachache

What’s the matter ?

She feels _______. ill
well She doesn’t feel _____.

What ’s the matter ?
has a fever has a pain has a cold

has a sore throat

has a toothache has a headache


What’s the matter ?

Summary1 小结1

I /You/We/They …. have a cold have a fever have a toothache have a headache have a stomachache feel tired feel hot feel cold

He/She/It …. has a cold has a fever has a toothache has a headache has a stomachache feels tired feels hot feels cold

Summary 2

小结 2

What's the matter?
I feel +形容词. / I have a +名词. He feels +形容词./ He has a +名词


A: What’s the matter? B: He feels hot. A: What should he do ? B: He should drink some water.

Ben A: What’s the matter? B: He feels cold . A: What should he do ? B: He should get dressed.

Mike A: What’s the matter? B: He has a headache . A: What should he do ? B: He should see the doctor.

A: Look at picture 1. What’s the matter? B: He feels +形容词 /He has a +名词. A: What should he do ? B: He should /shouldn’t +动词原形.

Practise in group 群学

What should you do ?
I should….

I shouldn’t ….

Summary 3 小结 3 should +动词原形---表示应该做某事。 shouldn’t +动词原形---表示不应该做某事。 如:

You should go to bed early. eat plenty of fruit eat plenty of vegetables have a bath every day go for a walk every day wash your hands before you eat You shouldn’t watch TV too much. drink too much Coke drink lots of cold water eat too much chocolate eat too much sweets

Show time , show time.---We’re excited !

据 健 康 成 长 的 需要 , 用 “You should …” 和“ You shouldn’t…”向你的朋友或同学提出至少3个建议。

A: Hello. XXX

B: Hello . XXX

A: I have some idea for you.
You should …You shouldn’t…

B: OK. Thank you.

Let’s act out the dialogue !

I feel ill . I am going to see the doctor. How can I talk to the doctor? Could you help me ?

Fill in the blanks. 填空.
? ? ? ?

How A: ______are you today? B:I _______ I’m ill. think A:________the matter ? What’s B: Sometimes I feel hot and sometimes I feel cold ________. ? A:Let me ______you a checkup first. Oh, you give have ________a cold . You’d better ______at home stay take for a day and _____a rest.Take the medicine times three ______a day .OK? ? B:OK. ___________,doctor. Thanks



1. What’s the matter?
2. …


1.I have a cold.

Summary 4 小结 4


医生用语: What’s the matter? You should drink plenty of water. You’d better stay in bed. Take the medicine three times a day. Open your mouth and say AH . You look tired and pale.
病人用语: I think I’m ill. 想我病了. I have a cold. 我感冒了. I have a fever. 我发烧了. I have a headache. 我头痛. I have a pain here. 我有点痛. I have a tooth-ache. 我牙痛. I have a stomachache. 我肚子痛. I don’t feel good . 我感觉不好 . Sometimes I feel hot and sometimes I feel cold .

I have a toothache.

What’s the matter?

A: Hello , XXX B: Hello, doctor. A: What’s the matter ? B: I have / feel …. A: I see. You should … You shouldn’t … …

B: OK, Doctor. Thank you .Byebye. A: Bye !


1. 造句:What's the matter? I feel +形容词. / I have a +名词. He feels+形容词./ He has a +名词.

2.造句: should/ shouldn’t +动词原形 3.注意哪些是看病时医生用语和病人用语。

Grammar show, grammer show. ---Let’s go go go !


Do the exercises .

Give you a check, ---Yeah,yeah,yeah.

Feedback (反馈)
1. It’s time ____( to, for) school. 2. It’s time ____( to, for) go home. 3. I don’t want to ___( is, be) late for school. 4. Xiaoling is tired. She ____(don’t , doesn’t) feel well. 5. Get ____(dress, dressed) quickly.


学贵有疑: 各组质疑解难,师生小结。

1、Listen and read the vocabulary and dialogue of M2 . (听录音跟读M2 词汇和课文.) 2、Act out the dialogue: If you are a doctor. (表演对话:如果你是一名医生。)

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