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1.去散步_________ 2.as old as?_____________

3.善于___________ 4.five years older___________

5.想做得更好___________ 6.jog to school

7.和??一样强壮________ 8.at the third stop

9.在中山路____________ 10.get off the train


( )1._____ a sunny morning,Iwent to the park with my dog.

A.In B.On C.At

( )2.Whose hair is longer,________?

A.your or mine B.yours or mine C.you or me ( )3.Su Yang and Su Hai are .

A.a twin sister B.twin sister C.twin sisters

( )4.Who’s , Jim or Ben?

A.tall B.taller C.heavy ( )5. is the hospital from here? About three kilometers away.

A.How many B.How far C.How

( )6.I’ll a policeman.

A.am B.is C.be

( )7.__________ stops are there? Only two.

A.How many B.How far C.How ( )8.Mike is as as Liu Tao.

A.taller B.heavy C.big ( )9. can I get to the post office? You can by taxi.

A.How many B.How far C.How ( )10. Linda a twin brother, and she is than him.

A. is, taller B. has, tall C. has, taller ( )11.Look! The dragonfly than the bee.

A.fly higher B. is flying higher C. flies high ( )12.Helen was glad Yang Ling.

A.see B.to see C.of see

( )13.Nancy likes________.She is good at_________

A.sing;singing B.singing ;singing C.singing;sings

( )14.Who_______better,you or Nancy?

A.write B.writes C.writing

( )15.Mrs Black comes from________.

A.Australia B.Australian C.an Australian


(A) (B)

( )1. How far is the bus stop A. You’re welcome. from here?

( )2. Does Tom do well in PE? B. No, I didn’t. ( )3. Don’t be late again. C. All right.

( )4. Can I play computer games now? D. About a kilometer away. ( )5. Did you watch a film last

Sunday? E. No, he doesn’t. ( )6. What else would you like? F. Sorry, you can’t. ( )7. Thank you very much. G.Some masks, please. ( )8. Where’s Jim? I can’t find

Him. H. He’s ill at home. ( )9. Are bears as big as rabbits? I.No, they aren’t.

( )10.What’s the matter? J.I’m hungry.


1.I’m 160 centimeters.Jack is 160 centimeters, too.(用as?as合并 成一句)

I’m as as .

2.He meet his friend in the shopping center this morning(改成否定 句) He his friend in the shopping center last night.

3. Su Yang usually gets up earlier than Su Hai. (改为一般疑问句) ________ Su Yang ________up earlier than Su Hai? 4.I can get to the Art Museum by taxi.(对画线部分提问) you get to the Art Museum?

5.Jim runs faster than Ben. (改为同义句)

Ben ________ ________ than Jim.


1. I’m as (tall)as Jack.

2. Which is __________ (long), the Yellow River or the Changjiang


3. There _____(be) a desk and two tables in the room yesterday

4.Yesterday afternoon,I ____(see)twenty horses ___________(run)in the sports field.

5. To get there _______(fast ),you can_____(take) bus No.8

6. Does Tom________(run)faster than Mike?

No,he doesn’t.He ______( run)slower than Mike.

7. Would you please how ________(get) to the shopping centre.


1.做更多的运动,你将会变得更强壮。 Do exercise, You’ll get strong.

2.今天早晨,SuYang起床比SuHai迟。 This morning, SuYang up than SuHai.

3.— 打扰一下,你能告诉我去动物园的路吗?


Excuse me,can you_____me the way ____the zoo?

—_______ ________this street,and then _______ ________at the _______ crossing


Hello,I’m Helen. I have a pet .It’s a lovely cat. Her name is Mimi. She is two years old now. She has two big eyes. Mimi is very clean. She’s white. Everyone likes her .Mimi runs very fast. She can catch mice. She likes fish very much .When she sees the fish,she will be very happy. Mimi is very naughty too. She likes playing with a ball. After I come home from school, she often runs to me and jumps up into my arms . We always have a good time.

( ) 1. Helen has a lovely cat.

( ) 2. Mimi is black and white.

( ) 3. Mimi runs very fast, so she can catch mice.

( ) 4. Mimi doesn’t like eating fish now.

( ) 5. Helen often takes Mimi to have a walk.



1.go for a walk 2.和??一样老

3.be good at 4.大5岁

5.want to do better 6.慢跑去学校

7.as strong as?? 8.在第3个站点

9.on Zhongshan Road 10.下火车




1.D 2.E 3.C 4.F 5.B 6.G 7.A 8.H 9.I 10.J


1.tall Jack

2.doesn’t meet

3.Does get

4.How can

5.runs slower


1.tall 2.longer 3.was 4.saw running 5.faster take 6.run runs

7.to get


1.more 2.get later 3.tell to Go along turn left third



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