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Unit16 On the London Eye
Lesson 32 by Luo 2013.10

New Words and Expressions
London Eye 伦敦眼 binoculars 望远镜 fun 乐趣 any 任何一个 believe 相信 ship 轮船 together 一起 some 一些 River Thames 泰晤士河 Westminster Bridge bridge 桥梁 down there 下面那里 Tower Bridge 塔桥 Big Ben 大本钟 really 真正地 its 它的 pass 递给








in front of


near / beside

fun football field fair front referee outfit fifty nephew very clever silver river heavy five seven eleven twelve

Pattern Practice
2 A: Are there any children in the classroom(在教室里)? B: Yes, there are, but there aren’t any children in the park(在公园里).

4 A: Can you see any children in the park (在公园里)? B: No, I can’t, but I can see some children in the classroom (在教室里).

children In the classroom Not in the park

football players in the park not in the street

fields behind the church not near the river

boats on the river not on the beach

men in front of the cinema not near the shops

women in front of the shop not near the school

cars on the bridge not near the college

people beside the river not in the park

a an some any
a +首字母发辅音的单数可数名词 a child 一个孩子 an+首字母发元音的单数可数名词 an apple 一个苹果 some 用在肯定句中 some+ 可数名词复数 some children 一些孩子 疑问句中要用any

There be 句型
英语中表示(某处)有某物的句型。 这里的be 单数是: is 复数是: are

单数句型结构 There is/ There’s a/an--有一个孩子在公园里 There is a child in the park . 有一个苹果在碗里 There is an apple in the bowl.

复数句型结构 There are/ There’re+数词 +可数 名词复数--有一些儿童在公园里 There are some children in the park. 有一些船在河上 There are some boats on the river.

There be 句型的一般疑问句:
单数句型结构 Is there a/an--- ? 肯定回答: Yes, there is 否定回答:No, there isn’t There is a child in the park . Is there a child in the park?

复数句型结构 Are there any+可数名词复数--- ? 肯定结构:Yes, there are. 否定结构:No, there aren’t. There are some children in the park. Are there any children in the park?

介词 的用法
1) in表示“在……中”, “在……内”。
in the park 在公园里 in the classroom 在教室里

2) on 表示“在……上”。例如: on the river 在河面上 on the beach 在沙滩上

3) near 表示“在……附近”。例如: near the shop 在商店附近 near the school 在学校附近

4) in front of表示“在……前面”。例如: in front of the cinema 在电影院前面 in front of the shop 在商店前面

5) behind 表示“在……后面”。例如: behind the church 在教堂后面


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