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科普版小学六年级英语lesson3,looking for a job课件

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Looking for a job






Picture 1Picture 2

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I the job.want

Good morning,sir.Good morning,miss.Take a seatThank you.,please.

I know you want a typist.I to get the job.would likeVery good.

First, your name and age?may I know

My name is Rose. I’m twenty.Where do you live?

At 8 Apple Street.

I a computer school.am from

are you from?

Here is a letter.Would you pleasetype it?


Oh,you can type well, I think we can give you the job.

Thank you . , how much By the waycan you pay me?

dollarsWe can give you 25 now. We can give you 25 dollars now. And 30 dollars after three months.All right. Then I’ll in start

three months.



eg: Teacder Wanted:招聘教师

?Take a seat, please. 请坐这句话相当于:Sit down ,please!

?May I know your name and age? 我可以知道你的姓名和年龄吗?该句子是一种比较客气的询问姓名和年龄的方式,相当于下面的句子:

What's your name and age?


?Would you please type it? 你能把它打出来吗?

Would you please ...?是询问对方是否可以做某事的句式,类似的说法还有:

Can you ...?

Would you like to ...?等,但Would you please ...?这一句式语气比较委婉。

?Then I'll start in three months. 那么我三个月后开始工作吧。

in three months:三个月后,相当于after three

Read and think:








?Does the girl want the job? Yes,she does.Does she want to be a typist? Yes,she does.What is the girl's name? Her name is RoseWhere does she live?She lives at 8 Apple Street.What school is she from? She is from a computer school.Can she type a letter? Yes,she can.Can she get the job? Yes,she can.How much can the man pay her?

25dollars now and 30dollars after three months

She will start in three months

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