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(1)60名学生 (2)15本英语书

(3)九杯凉水 (4)4个孩子

(5)12月31 (6)6月2日

(7)第九周 (8)40年前

(9)11+7 (10)上学第一天


one--- two--- three--- nine--- fourteen--- twenty--- thirty-five--- eighty-one---


Li Ming and Li Ping are brothers. They are Chinese. But they are in England now. They speak English. They are twins. They look the same. Their sweaters look the same, too. They are yellow. They are very nice sweaters. Look at this sweater. It's Li Ming's. It isn't Li Ping's. Li Ping can't find his sweater. He thinks his sweater is at home, but it's in his schoolbag.


1. Li Ming and Li Ping are ____.

A. English B. England C. Chinese D. China

2. Li Ming and Li Ping are _____.

A. sisters' B. twins C. friends D. in China

3. They are _____.

A. students B. girls C. workers D. teachers

4. Li Ping's sweater is _____.

A. al home B. here C. in Li Ping's schoolbag D. in Li Ming's schoolbag

5. Their sweaters are _____.

A. yellow B. same C. co]our D. at home

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