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our school

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Pep 4 Unit 1


teacher’s office


playground It’s a place we can do sports.
We can jump and run.

We can have P.E.class.
Where is it ?


Read the cards and try to find out the missing one! 读卡片,找出消失的那一张!

Go to the garden. Water the flowers.

Go to the library. Read a story-book.

Go to the canteen. Eat some noodles.

Go to the teacher’s office. Hand in the homework.

Go to the playground. Play football.

School school
third floor

Where is the canteen?
It’s on the first floor.


second floor

first floor

My School
My school is in ______. It’s ___________________. We have _______________. The _______is on the ____floor. …

I love my school!

1.Listen to the tape of P4 for 3times.

2.Talk about our school with your classmates in English.

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