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(广州版)六年级英语上册 Module 2 单元测试

一、 按类别将下列单词的字母编号写在相应的表格内。(8分) Britain






Australian Toronto Rassian Sunny German Chinese Cloudy Cold Japanese Moscow Sydney

七、 选择正确的单词完成句子。(5分)

1. Rome is ________________( big, bigger )than London.

2. Who is __________________( the taller, the tallest), Janet, Philip or Ben?

3. The capital __________(for, of ) Australia is Canberra.

4. I perfer ____________ (go to, to go to )a warmer place.

5. The Webbs _______________________(is going to, are going to )Foshan.

八、 选择填空。(10分)

( )1.That is _____________ Italian toy over there.

A.a B.an C./

( )2.The trees on that mountain is _____________ than those here.

A.beautiful B.the most beautiful C. more beautiful

( )3.It’s ______________ in Beijing Road on Sundays than on weekdays.

A.crowdeder B.more crowded C.the most crowded

( )4.------Which county does he come from?

------He comes from Canada,he speaks _____________.

A.English B.Canadian C.Chinese

( )5.Would you like to have fun with us ?

A.I like. B. I would like. C. That’s all right.

( )6.There are so _________ food on the table.

A.much B.many C. lot

( )7._________she going to ___________a letter ?

A.Does, write B.Is, write C. Is, writing

( )8.Let’s _________ the Great Wall.

A.going to B. go C.visit

( )9.________you taking a photo of the famous building?

Yes, I am.

A. Are B. Do C.Will

( )10._________Alien been to the earth?

A.Have B.Is C. Has

九、 按实际情况或看图回答问题。(5分)

1.What is the capital city of the UK?


2.Have you been to the other countries?


3.Does Tokyo have a larger population than Wellington?


4.Where would you like to go on holiday?


5.Is Guilin the capital of China?


十、 补全对话。(5分)

Mike: _________ do you usually do _______ your holiday?

Jiamin: I usually go to travel. I _________ been to many places. Last year I visited

Japan with my parents. Japan is _________ to our country. It’s an island

country, I like swimming in the sea, it’s ____________, do you think so?

Mike: I think _________. I like _______________too. China is a ____________

place to ______________. I like Chinese food very much.

Jiamin: Yes, I think Chinese food is fantastic! This summer holiday I’m ___________

to London.

Mike: Great!

十一、 阅读短文,根据短文内容完成下列各题。(5分)

Paris is in north central France. It is the capital city, and it is the largest city

of the country with a long history. Many people from all over the world come here to view(看) its beauty and charm. And many people come here to buy the beautiful clothes. So it is a busy city too. The street is so crowded, and there are lots of cars, taxies, buses…The air pollution(空气污染) is high, caused by automobile traffic(汽车交通). Parisians call their city the “City of Light.”

( )1。The capital city of France is ___________.

A. London B. Paris C. Berlin

( ) 2. Many people from ___________________ visit Paris.

A. Europe B. all over the world C.France

( )3. Paris is a _____________________city.

A. busy B. beautiful C. Both A and B

( )4. People in Paris called their city the ____________.

A. Light City B. City of Light C. Lovely City

( )5. In Paris the air is __________________.

A. good B. not very clean C. high


按类别将下列单词的字母编号写在相应的表格内。(8分) 分)

What , on /for, have, near,

beautiful/nice, so, seas,

good, visit, going.

十一. 阅读短文,根据




选择正确的单词完成句子。(5分) 1. bigger 2. the tallest 3. of 4. to go to 5. are going to 十二、 选择填空。(10



九. 按实际情况或



1.The capital city of the

UK is London. / It’s


2.Yes, I have been

to./No, I haven’t.

3.Yes, it does.

4.I’d like to …

5.No, it isn’t.

十. 补全对话。(5

十二. 写话题。假设你被当选为“亚运小天使”, 请你向在亚运会期间来到广州的外


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