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外校 welcome to English3B unit 4--unit 5

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校区:测试时间:学员姓名: 学科: 测试内容范围:unit4 and unit6分数: 听力部分: 20 分


( ) 1 A dog B fox C drop D kilo

( ) 2 A take B name C bad D lake

( ) 3 A wide B nice C ride D picnic

( ) 4 A book B food C good D football

( ) 5 A duck B cute C use D Tuesday


1、()A 、play football B、played football C、play hide-and-seek

2、()A 、stay in a teen B、stay in a room C、stay in a library

3、()A 、behind the tree B、in front of the tree C、under the tree

4、()A 、cook the lunch B、cook the noodle C、cook the vegetable

5、()A 、paint a picture B、painted a picture C、draw a picture


A、drew B、washed C、walked D、stayed E、met F、gave

I ( ) a picture last week . I ( ) outside last week.

I ( ) in a tent last week. I ( ) a lot of friend last week






( ) 1 What did you do ___ the weekend ? A at B in C to

( ) 2 We ___ to the London Eye . A didn’t went B goes C went

( ) 3 We liked to study ___the classroom. A at B on C in

( ) 4 I didn’t take ___photos . A many B any C much

( ) 5 We didn’t ___the night sky yesterday. A saw B watch C see

( ) 6 We visited ___places . A a lot B lot of C lots of

( ) 7 Where did you go ___ Sunday ? A on the B in C last

( ) 8 We went to ___ British Museum and ___ Big Ben. A the , / B a , the C the , the

( ) 9 We ___you a postcard last Saturday. A sent B sends C send

( ) 10 She liked the bus ___best. A ride B rides C riding


1 _______________ went to the Great Wall ? Daming went to the Great Wall .

2 _______________ did they go there ? They went there at ten o’clock.

3 _______________ did they go ? They went by bus.


中小学1对1课外辅导专家4 _______________ did Daming do ? He took photos of the museums .

5 _______________ did they go ? They went to the British Museum


I thin when I five

I ride a bicycle when I five.

you ride a bicycle?

Yes, I swim. Could you swim?

No, I 。

I thin when I five.

I was about 15kg. you thin?

No, I thin. I was fat.

about 25kg. I run fast.

When four , swimming .

Could she swim?


When Anna five , a bicycle .


1 Where did you go ? A He visited Big Ben.

2 What did he do ? B He is playing the guitar. 3 How did they go ? C It’s cold and windy. 4 What’s the weather like ? D I went to the park. 5 What is your father doing now ? E By bus.



It’s a fine Sunday morning. There are many people here. They are looking at Big Ben. Many of them are young and some are old. Two boys are playing with their yo-yos . A girl is flying a kite.

There is a lake here. Mary and I are drawing near the lake . I am drawing Big Ben. I want to give the picture to my mother as a gift.

( ) 1 It is a fine Saturday morning .

( ) 2 Two boys are playing with a ball.

( ) 3 A girl is eating a banana.

( ) 4 I am drawing a picture of Big Ben.

( ) 5 The people are looking at Big Ben.


An old woman wants to go to New York to see her son , she gets up early and gets to the station at nine o’clock in the morning. When does the train come and leave ? She is very worried . She stops a boy and ask him. The boy looks at the woman and says “ two to two” . The old woman sits in the chair and thinks and thinks.

( ) 1 The woman is young . ( ) 2 The boy doesn’t tell her the time.

( ) 3 The woman gets up early. ( ) 4 The train doesn’t come.

( ) 5 The woman knows the time at last.


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