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Module10 unit2

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Module 10 Accidents Unit 2 Sam had lots of chocolate biscuits.

猜 一 猜 , 说 一 说 。

He had a cold.

She had a fever.

He’s got a headache .

She’s got a stomachache .

Listen and circle the answer.

1.What happened to them yesterday? 2.What’s wrong with them today?

Sam had lots of chocolate biscuits yesterday,

so today he’s got a stomachache .

Daming had two
watermelons yesterday,

sotoday he’s got a stomachache .

Amy had a cold yesterday,
and today she’s got a headache.

Lingling had a headache

and today she’s got a fever .

Act and Say(演一演,说一说)

He’s/she’s got a …. I had….

Role play(表演短剧“小医 生” )
Doctor:What yesterday? did you

Patient: I’ve got a stomachache.


Patient: I had lots of apples yesterday.

Summary (小结)
What have you learned in this class?

Homework: 1.听读课文3遍。 2.查资料了解更多疾病的名称, 设计话剧,下节课表演。

Thank you!


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